A mouse that detects your pulse and galvanic response to improve as...

A mouse that detects your pulse and galvanic response to improve as a player

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The new mouse Mionix goes beyond the typical buttons from the rest and adds several sensors to measure our pulse and galvanic skin response. What is this?

Not unexpectedly, the market got many models of mouse with a huge variety of buttons everywhere; these mice are typically designed for players who customize each button actions depending on the title or even the character used to quickly access their skills and options. The new QG of Mionix NAOS Labs does not have many buttons, only regular ones under the wheel to its functions and a couple on the thumb. However, it may be a mouse much more useful for players , for a simple reason: it is able to tell us how we react in our games.

Minix Labs data

The NAOS QG has an integrated sensor which is responsible for measuring our pulse and another that measures the galvanic skin response. The included software analyzes the data and shows it to us so we can see how we react to different moments of the game, so we can learn about ourselves for mentalizing in the next game. It sounds exaggerated, but considering the importance of e-sports today is understandable that many are willing to train that way.

We may also see this information in real time with an overlay interface on the game , so we can know if we are losing the nerves and if our judgment is being cloudy. This can help us catch our breath, calm down and analyze the situation so cold rather than be driven by the actions of the opponent. Equally it can also serve as notice if we are asking too much from our body and we need to take a break from the screen. These data are consistent with recording applications and its creators have developed an open API so that other programs can use the data.


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