After the attack, Sony Pictures just trust iPhone and iPad

After the attack, Sony Pictures just trust iPhone and iPad

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By now we all know about the major attack on the film company Sony Pictures, in which a multitude of confidential information came to light and where even leaked on the Internet some of their upcoming releases scheduled for cinema.

Such has been the impact of this attack that the company has been forced, against threats Guardians of Peace (hacker group that conducting the attack), to not release the film The Interview , since the group of cyber criminals threatened them that if they did they will have to face more problems.

Sony has seen fit to disconnect all computers that were victims of the attacks, until they identify who carried out this hack and only be permitted to employees who use iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad, and Mac computers, they can continue to operate with them normally.

The Interview

Apparently, from Sony Pictures say “people who use Macs okay” . However, the source providing the information does not explain on what basis to provide Mac computers this preferential treatment, which could be due to the belief that there are no viruses for Mac OS X  or just often regarded as it is safer than Windows OS, for which it is true that there is a greater amount of virus.

Another measure that would apply right now is to make their long meetings in offices and in person rather than through a video call.

Even they would again resort to faxing , instead of using email. They also re-use older printers, has assured the TechCrunch. They explained that “Somehow we are living in an office ten years ago “and the truth is that under the facts all point in this direction.

Sony is hoping for a better tomorrow after this incident.


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