AMD working in a dynamic control frame

AMD working in a dynamic control frame

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Chris Hook, director of public relations for AMD , confirmed that the signing of Sunnyvale is working in a dynamic control frames, which have temporarily named as Dynamic Frame Rate Control.

At first glance reminds us quite a technology that takes time and between us, the well-known V-Sync, although AMD aims to go one step further or so it appears from what has been said by Hook.

When V-Sync is activated and our system reaches 100 FPS the reduced to 60 FPS to be equal to the refresh rate of our monitor, yet our GPU will continue to work at the same level and, therefore, consuming the same energy.

With AMD Dynamic Frame Rate Control aims to achieve just that harmonize frames per second refresh rate of our monitor, like V-Sync, but while controlling the working frequencies of the GPU.

This means that with this technology, if a game runs at 120 FPS and 60 FPS only need to show proceed to reduce the working speed of the graphics card , so also reduce the consumption of it.

In contrast, if the requirements increase and needs extra muscle to keep those 60 FPS increase the working frequency , a very interesting approach as AMD could save a considerable amount of energy, but we have no details about its possible release date.


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