Apple iWatch launch in October

Apple iWatch launch in October

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Since long ago began to circulate rumors about the possible launch of a smart watch by Apple. So far as he had known that manufacturing had begun and it was not a sure thing.

But now the site  Re / Code  who always correct in their forecasts and predictions, indicates that Apple is preparing an event for the month of October in which they will present no less than its smart watch , which all called iWatch, although it will not be the final name .


Reports also indicate that Apple is confident that its intelligent clock will succeed, so order the production of 3 to 5 million units to be sold in the first month. Among the possible features has this watch is able to measure the physical activity, also work with the Health application that is included in iOS 8 so you have all the information in one place.

Another question is the price of the device, because depending on the price is the success you have.


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