Batterybox: laptop battery for MacBook and iPhone

Batterybox: laptop battery for MacBook and iPhone

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One of the biggest problems of smartphones today is autonomy, the battery usually lasts much less than what you expect and why they have become so popular laptop batteries. Some cases for phones tend to be very annoying, but we can save boredom on many occasions.

Batterybox  is a new laptop battery that serves both the MacBook to the iPhone . Among the advantages offered by this battery is its small size and its power connector has   MagSafe 2 offers up to 12 hours of battery life on the MacBook Air version and 9 hours in the MacBook Pro, can even charge your iPhone 12 times without any inconvenience.

Battery Box

But the interesting thing is that this laptop battery care our battery of the MacBook, since for example, if we have 20% battery and connect the Batterybox, can continue working without problem and when the battery disconnect our MacBook will continue in 20 %, this order did not comply with another cycle and so the battery lasts us.

The price of this laptop battery is $ 140 and the first units will be shipped from November.

Link: Batterybox


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