Canon imageFORMULA P-208II, portable scanner up to 16 scans per minute

Canon imageFORMULA P-208II, portable scanner up to 16 scans per minute

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The Canon image FORMULA P-208II is a portable scanner designed for both mobile workers and home users who want to scan documents anywhere. This device is capable of reaching maximum speeds up to 16 images per minute if you use double-sided capacity, both black and white and color. The scanner uses the energy transmitted from a USB port to run, so do not need the grid to make it work in travel. All with ADF ten sheets for ease of loading paper. The Canon image FORMULA P-208II can be found through the distributors of Canon . We tell you all the details on this.

The portable scanner of the Japanese company has a maximum speed of 16 ipm (impressions per minute) with a resolution of 300 x 300 dots per inch . This team works in both black and white and in color and has the ability to perform duplex scanning automatically. If we use single-function single-sided scanning speed is in the 8 images per minute. For jobs in the required scan multiple pages, it is very helpful to have an automatic document feeder (ADF) of up to 10 sheets, allowing us to streamline these tasks. The Canon image FORMULA P-208II work with documents in A4 format, an envelope or card . The dimensions that can work in the case of folios between 50 and 216 mm wide and 70 to 356 mm long, with a thickness of between 52 and 209 grams.


In the case of postal, width moves between 88 and 108 mm and length between 127 and 152 mm, while its thickness from 128 to 300 grams. Finally, when working with business card size ranging from 49-55 mm wide and between 85-91 mm long. The weight is a minimum of 128-300 grams. The Canon image FORMULA P-208II is designed to work anywhere in our travel needs. To do this, use a USB port that allows you to receive power from a laptop or computer.

In addition, it uses a very compact design that favors carriage in a briefcase or backpack. Specifically, the Canon image FORMULA P-208II has dimensions of 31.2 x 5.5 x 4 inches when closed maintain the scanner.With the tray open, dimensions are at the 31.2 x 8.9 x 4 inches. These dimensions are combined with a weight of 600 grams. All this makes this model a good choice for working with documents that we want to scan without having to go to the office. The Canon image FORMULA P-208II and can be found in the market through authorized distributors Canon .


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