Canon will launch a 50 megapixel camera in 2015

Canon will launch a 50 megapixel camera in 2015

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According to page Canon Rumors , the Japanese company Canon will launch a 50 megapixel camera in 2015. In addition, the device will have a different EOS-1 body, betting again just to include vertical grip, so you can expect your price falls below $ 4,000.

It is not yet known exactly what time of the year it will come next year, but the news helps confirm suspicions that had about future movements of Canon. It is believed that the camera model belong to a new series located between the 1D and 5D , so we are witnessing the birth of a new option within the range of Canon products.

Also, the camera could have two versions, one with low pass filter and one without. And assume that the first model will have a higher cost , because having that quality allow us to obtain better dynamic range in our decision, which results in a greater variation of intermediate shades between the darkest of our image and lightest point.

Canon EOS 1D

We must remember that having a sensor with more megapixels does not automatically lead to take better pictures. Broadly speaking, we can say that the set megapixel resolution that we in our decision and therefore the amount of zoom you can do without losing quality. Also, having a large number of megapixels allows us to make cuts to reset the box and can have a completely different picture that was available at first.

But on issues such as definition, quality image processing or the amount of noise at high sensitivities shown, are more important then other parts of the camera and processor, sensor size or the lens. In addition, having more megapixels the picture size will be larger, so we also have a large storage capacity .

Still, we must be vigilant to new product from Canon and not jump to conclusions before an official announcement to disclose more of the features included.


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