CASE Remote: control your DSLR from your smartphone

CASE Remote: control your DSLR from your smartphone

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In the world of accessories is exactly the same as with the world of applications every day arise again, with more quality and offers more options. A clear example of accessories that have evolved favorably are those that connect our DSLR camera with our smartphone. They have all kinds of gadgets and accessories that allow us from controlling our camera to send or share photos in real time from our device emerged. CASE Remote emerges as a new solution to control many functions of our SLR camera from our mobile device.

Remote CASE 

Remote CASE project was funded through crowdfunding , specifically in the Indiegogo platform. And besides, they did so with a record as they collected 7,889% (from $ 500 requesting raised almost $ 40,000) So we can say that is a defendant and supported by a community of users appliance.

CASE Remote allows you to control many functions of your DSLR from your device iOS (also has specific application for iPad ) and Android . In this app we can control:

  • Capture and save the photos on our smartphone
  • Use your smartphone as a mode live view and put the focus on our image.
  • Controlled so remote the options menu of our camera.
  • Easy integration in our camera.
  • Geotag your photos.
  • Share our photos directly with our friends.

Besides all these characteristics is an extremely useful device for performing time-lapse, portraits or pictures of architecture .

CASE Remote is quite portable, weighs only 70 grams and has a range of 50 meters with a battery that lasts 5 to 6 hours operating at full capacity.

The bad news is that currently only supports cameras from Canon , so all the photographers who use this brand may be in luck, the rest will have to wait to see if Remote CASE adapt more brands and models.

If you are interested CASE Remote you can get with the price of $ 129 from Amazon .



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