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Apps for PC

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If someone today asks a question to you; what keeps you awake? You would definitely try to avoid saying it’s WhatsApp and you know from inside that you are lying. These days you go to sleep excited and thinking about whom you chatted with and sometimes disappointed about who you missed. WhatsApp developers had spent all their time resolving its bugs, introducing new features and making out all the little aspects in order to bring a rich, easily affordable, reliable messenger to everyone’s phone. You never have to be worried about your data as it does not appear into consumption. Its shows its commitment and delegation towards its users when it comes on its advertisement free services. It does not sell any types of ads.

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Whatsapp is an instant messaging application available for iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile and the rest such as Nokia S-40 and java enabled phone also carries its compatibility. It also enables you to share your location with your friends.

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It features Group messaging, individuals messaging and broadcast messages too. You can share limitless number of images, audio and video files with your friends. It does not cost, sharing your data with your friend or doing chat with the same. It just uses your internet data to send your messages and media. It simply exchanges messages among your friends without paying SMS charges. Whatsapp software creates your account by just asking your phone number and instantly finds out all the contacts from your device’s phonebook. It automatically generates a favourite list into your phone where all your Whatsapp contact are made visible. You can also maintain your Profile info here, such as your profile picture, name and the most important is your status.

WhatsApp For PC :

It has not officially announced any of its computer operating system based version but you can play it on your virtual emulators. Bluestacks could be a suitable choice for your PC. It does have fair speed and does not affect your PC as well. It can be downloaded for free, and for this you just have to download a WhatsApp APK file with its latest version. Bluestacks supports almost multiple types of computer operating systems and provides a comfortable platform. WhatsApp would be accessed on Bluestack same as it is visible on Android phone.

Latest Version For different mobile platforms:

  • Android: 2.11.498 till January 21
  • BlackBerry: 2.11.2145 till December 11
  • iOS: 2.11.14 till January 17
  • Symbian: 2.11.891 till January 22
  • Nokia S40 devices: 2.12.61
  • Windows Phone: 11.634 till January 21

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How to Get Bluestack For PC?

  • Download Bluestack using this.
  • Install it and open the same.
  • Search for ‘Whatsapp’ using it.
  • Click on the Whatsapp icon to start downloading it.
  • Wait till it download and installs.

Once done, open it up using “My Apps” section of Bluestacks and start chatting with your friends directly from your PC.

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Xender, Sharing, File Transfer is a widely popular name in sharing file from phone to phone, this could be downloaded from app store and users can share all kind of media files, contacts and ringtones with it; the app has now become available in PC too., though with the help of third party emulation software. This app is perfect for people who love to keep sending and sharing files and media, including music, videos, contacts, etc. The application does not require support of data services, internet, Wi-Fi and the file transfer is done in a way that does not hinder performance of any other applications which are running on the device. All kind of file formats are supported by Xender which makes it the ideal choice for file transfers.

xender-file-sharing-for-pc (2)

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Xender is also available in PC for different operating systems and all the versions in separate platforms are compatible with each other. The tool exhibits great speed which is around 4 MB per second. In this speed even high quality movies could get transferred in a matter of minutes. The interface is fairly simple and you can download this for PC.

Downloading Xender for PC

Step 1:

To run the app you first need a proper android emulator to be pre-installed on your PC. BlueStacks works well, so go ahead and download BlueStacks.

Step 2:

When you click on the link you will be taken to a page where you will get every information about BlueStacks, download the installer by selecting the OS of your PC and the download will follow automatically.

Step 3:

Run the installer and let the installation take place, when it is installed in your PC, load the app on your desktop.

Step 4:

Go to the home page of the app, there will be a number of search options available. Enter the name of the app you are downloading, which is Xender and then hit find.

Step 5:

Click on the Install button when you find Xender in the list beside it. Give the download path and make sure you select Google Play Store when you are given the three choices.

Step 6:

After this you will be taken to Google Play Store page, click on install, accept the terms and conditions, download will happen automatically after this. Soon the app will get installed and you will see the success message on the screen of the Emulator.

xender-file-sharing-for-pc (1)

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Now the download process is completed in your PC and you will be requested to launch the emulator. In the emulator you will see a list of installed apps, from where, you can click on the Xender icon to launch the app. Once the app is launched, you can now easily start using it in your PC. Xender is great for sharing all kind of files because Xender is compatible with all kind of files. The multi-platform accessibility is another great plus point. Now share all the music and videos to and from your PC, not just limiting yourself to phone.

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Clash of clans is critically an epic game that you must try once to play. It is available for selected Android Smartphone. In this game you and your society will be attacked by devil army of villains. Army will be destroying your homes and people living out there. Now it is your turn to take revenge, time to take action against them all. You have to prepare a team from your side first in which you would have to construct an army with several soldiers like wizards, barbarians and other mighty fighters. You can further join other players too. With them together you can form a Clan.


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The game contains total 18 numbers of unique stages in which multiple sub levels exist. You can arrange your own troops and fighters from the available options in order to get ready for a revolutionary fight. Your enemies will be very powerful at their weapons as they would have Cannons, Bombs, Traps and many more. With this, they will be attacking your village badly and you have to defend the destruction primarily and attack them as well.

Talking about its availability; it is officially not announced for computer operating systems. Although, we have an idea to play clash of clans on your PC. To play any such files in the system, you need to install its emulator so that it could support the corresponding format of file itself. To run an APK file or Android file you need to download and install an Android Emulator. An Android emulator is capable of accessing an Android application on it. It can be downloaded and installed on computer system pretty easily. It is important to choose a selected Emulator for your PC. It must be your first responsibility because it directly can affect your systems’ speed and memory. The most familiar and common Emulator for computer system is Bluestacks. It is being recommended and preferred by the most of the users.


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Get Clash of Clans for PC:

  • Download Bluestacks Emulator.
  • To begin installation process click on the file and Run
  • You will be watching an interface of Android phone, as it will get installed on your PC
  • Before its access, you will be asked for sign in process where you will have to put your email address and do sign in
  • Now you can access all its features, now click to the Search button and find “Clash of Clans” keyword.
  • In a very next moment you will be asked for its Installation and if download is done previously than it will be installed on Bluestacks automatically.
  • Additionally, you can restore your destructed village by just going on Backup and Restore Clash of Clans option

This is all from Clash of Clans. You would enjoy this game if you love adventurous games. Here you can lead your trooper and soldiers while fighting an amazing epic war against devil army. Be prepared and win!

If you are facing any technical issues, do let us know in the comment section below!

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Downloading PicsArt is a good idea to put extra effects into your pictures. You might have seen a lot of photo editing software in both categories free and paid for a Smartphone or PC. But these are available in huge sizes, unlike PicsArt, which is just 12.5 MB. Similar software usually are hard to use and require long time to have a handy grip onto it. But in PicsArt, you never have to struggle from the beginning itself. This application is famous on all platforms either on Smart phone or on a PC. Most of the Android users are using PicsArt application to enhance their pictures. It offers fresh and new makeover to your pictures.


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Features of PicsArt

It is basically not officially available for Microsoft’s Windows. You can download it officially on mobile devices including android, windows and iOS too. No doubt, PicsArt is an application which provides support in enhancing your picture quality. For Android Platform, you can get it for free. Using PicsArt, new colors and shades can be introduced in a picture. You can show off your cool and dashing pictures on your friend’s timeline or feeds apart from keeping a best collection on PC as well. To customize your pictures you just have to tap your choice on one of given effects. It simultaneously will be generating its preview on your screen; confirm to apply changes and your picture will be transformed. It is simple and user friendly tool which basically works in offline mode.

PicsArt has random effects which are responsible in transforming your image into a stylish one. PicsArt creates your personalized folder in the PC where all your customized pictures will be found. You can browse other locations as well. Another feature of PicsArt is Collage. With this, your favorite collection, where you have some N number of pictures can be merged them in a stylish collage and your whole collection will be appearing in a single picture. Creating College feature can be used as easy as walking on a cake. You will find different effects and textures upon which picture will get extraordinary appearances each time you choose a different one.

Download PicsArt for PC or Laptop

Let us discuss the aspect for what you are looking for. As you have found a lot of cool features on PicsArt gallery and you might be feeling curious or excited to know about download options. You are just some taps and clicks behind and done. Follow these steps to download PicsArt on PC for free:

To download PicsArt on your PC, you can prefer Bluestacks Emulator; which you can download from here.  As you will be downloading Bluestacks; you need to download PicsArt application from Google Play Store or from third party Android apps site. Complete download and installation of Bluestacks Software and then install PicsArt APK file in it.


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That’s all for PicsArt. It will be a great experience after you will get access to PicsArt. It is different from photo editing tools. It is less complex and light application which does not affect your system memory and speed as well.

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Badland is all new addition in the gaming world, all owing to its extreme simple gameplay along with superb graphics. Basically it is a sidescroller game that is totally based on the physics of gravity. All you need to do here is to make a path for your rotund birds to reach the final checkpoint. The might seem a bit monotonous at first, because of its dull colouring schema and monotonous sounds; however soon you will be  proved wrong, all owing to its awesome gaming concept; this is something you can only experience. The game might sometimes look like an endless runner, but no there are ends in the game and it has been smartly distributed in levels which further concludes the checkpoints.


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Badland corresponds to a dead place, which is its literal meaning. Here the game has been developed with the same view. Talking about the storyline, it is quite simple. It has been set off in some mysterious forest, which at first looked absolutely perfect, full of life containing all the flora that a forest should possess. Although, soon something happens and a bright light appears across the skies that abruptly turns everything dead. On further introspecting you find that the reason behind this is some unknown machinery which when lights up turns all the things dead and the living creatures to rotund birds. These birds are more like some deformed species having fins more like that of a fish, who cannot fly but can make short jumps or spins off the ground. You character has now became one of these and you need to make an escape from this dead forest.

Gameplay And Levels:

Gameplay is quite simple as you need to quickly get to the end point of the level, without dying. There are several levels based on difficulty levels. First few levels are quite simple and will ease your way so as to develop a bit interest in the game. The difficult level will gradually increase when more and more obstacles are put in your way along with the introduction of some new obstacles with every new set of levels.

Each level has a definite way to end, although there might be one more way to end. The main de facto about these levels is that, if you die somewhere in between a level than the game will start from the last checkpoint. However there is another de facto that you will not be aware of where the hell these intermediate checkpoints are placed.


Talking about the powers, there are many; such as one will increase your size so that you can destruct the obstacles, although some other will work exactly opposite and bring you back to initial level. What is worth noticing here is that each power have a relation to what you will face in the successive segment of the game, so do not ignore any powers as without them you might not be able to complete the level.

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How To Play On PC?

Follow these steps to get it on your PC:

  1. Download Bluestack and install using offline installer.
  2. Open it and search ‘Badland’
  3. Look for official link and open it.
  4. Now, Playstore will open from where you can simply download the game on your PC.

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Anyone can use Viber application from anywhere in the world. It is available for free for all users. With Viber application, various tasks could be performed such as you can send free text messages, photos, videos as well as you can even share your location with your friends those are active on Viber. Features of sharing location are only available on some advanced and smart applications such as wechat, WhatsApp, etc. With Viber you can also do video calling for free. It enables you to make high definition calls with your Viber mates. This feature is available only at specific platforms such as on iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry mobile phones and for Computer systems such as on Windows and Mac operating systems upon a 3G, 4G or high speed Wifi connections.


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Viber has more than 360 million users all over the world, and it covers more than 193 countries as well. And the most important thing to be noticed is; counting is still on. Viber team is consistently working in the field of making its features much convenient and more useful for user. They are constantly innovating Viber, as many new features such as Viber out, Video calling, etc. had been introduced in it. With Viber out you vs make calls directly on any mobile number or telephone number using internet. Viber out is an innovative feature of Viber application. It was introduced during the days when a disaster occurred at Philippines. For those, who were lost and looking for their loved ones; it provided a helping hand as it enhanced a feature known as Viber out into it. Other entertaining and new features including stickers and emoticons had also been added recently in it. These emoji’s were really appreciated and welcome by its users. Viber media is the founder of Viber application, which is a private company established in the year of early 2010.

You can get Viber application APK for free in its official site where you can choose and download your best suited latest version for your phone as well as PC. You can follow Viber with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts if you are interested at checking out its update and news timely.

Viber For PC:

If you have to download Viber for your Windows operating system; then it will be the easiest thing to do ever for you. You need to follow some quick steps as described below:


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  • Download Bluestack, which is an android emulator for windows.
  • Install the Bluestack emulator on your PC using the installation package downloaded from above step.
  • Now, make a search for ‘Viber’ by opening the application.
  • Click on the Playstore link and install the app on your PC.

On Viber, you can sign up using your personal contact number and instantly you’ll find a list of your friends activated of Viber just like WhatsApp messenger. Your phone will automatically create a Viber users contact list for your convenience.

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EA Games is a pioneer in the making realistic video games and has, from time to time, created realistic driving or racing games. Real Racing 3 is one such listed game. As it is known that EA develops only qualitative games, Real Racing 3 has been created with equally receptive graphics, which means an excellent choice for people addicted to adrenaline rush.


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In the game, a list of car scrolls out for to be selected. Next, there is a list of tracks for the racer, to select and drive down. Further, several online competition/ events are up for the player to participate in. The player can select the online format and play with friends, or with players from other countries, in Multiplayer mode.

The game is available for free, but some places it is needed to be bought; of course only to offer a better experience. It is highly needed for the smooth play of the game. With TSM technology, high definition graphics, superb sound effects, new tracks and latest models of racer cars, Real Racing 3 is the perfect realistic driving game, made only to offer a better and an unmatched racing experience.

Real Racing 3 – Why It Is different?

Real Racing 3 is equipped with thrilling tournaments and challenges. To win the trophy, one can select to run in drag races, elimination, autocross, head to head, endurance and many more. The cars used are of those that can face extremities. Of course it can be easily upgraded with each level, thus passed. Racers are to maintain and regularly get their car serviced with the in-game cash acquired in races participated.

Real Racing 3 is that reality based game that deals with real people, real cars, real tracks and real locations. The game play experience is simply brilliant for the player, thus keeping them always hooked to it. So do not wait any more to enjoy the thrills. Put in the speed and pull the accelerator to zoom in the tracks.

How To Download Real Racing 3 for PC:

To run the game smoothly on PC, it is advised to install an Android Emulator. BlueStacks is recommended as one of them.


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Following steps to be followed:

  • Firstly, download BlueStacks from this link. Then click on its installation.
  • Open it and search for ‘Real Racing 3’.
  • Click on Playstore link.
  • BlueStacks will immediately begin to install the file and as soon the download is complete, a dialogue box will notify on screen.
  • Click open BlueStacks and then click on “All Apps”.
  • Then proceed to click on Real Racing 3 Icon.
  • Start the game, and on its first run, it will initiate of downloading the game’s data which is about up to 1 GB.

With the process complete, the player is ready to unleash the adrenaline rush on playing Real Racing 3.

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For all the fans of gothic war games such as Dungeon Hunter or any game of the similar genre, Eternity Warriors is the go-to game! The game is a little simpler if compared to dungeon hunter in aspects such as character building and gear selecting. The genre of Eternity Warriors is action/RPG. It allows players to communicate over chat boxes, have a battle with the bosses and take part in tournaments and various other things that go in making one of the best games. Not to forget the game has top notch graphics as well that liven it up.


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The game offers high speed action. The Eternity Sword is unlocked in the game and the kingdom of Uder is cursed by the Lord of Hell. Demons spread across other kingdoms have cast their spells on Uder too! The area of North Uder requires someone to save it. Gaming enthusiasts who are up for the challenges can take it to save the kingdom. There are three avatars for the users-

  1. Agile monk.
  2. Devastating mage.
  3. Rugged warrior.

The game is actually quite simple since you only need to defeat the Lord of Hell. In the quest to defeat him, you can team up with the other players and communicate them to build strategies to defeat the Lord of Hell!


Gamers can make use of the details on the screen to help them in their battle.

  • The health and mana bars give out information about the health and mana points of the players
  • Each player can have 4 active skills. Once the skills are used, they need some cool down time before being re-used. The cool down time can be taken care of by making regular updates. Making use of the mana points skill, can be rotated in order to be used properly.
  • Different attacks can be launched on the enemy. Using some combinations, combo attacks can also be performed and so can the quick attacks be executed.


Eternity Warriors being a high octane action game delivers graphics and sound effects of the highest order, thus keeping you engaged and livened up. The game offers absolutely stunning graphics, realistically animated characters, high speed combat and thousands of other things that make it a popular game and a rage amongst the gamers! A definite feature on every gamer’s list.

Downloading And Using Eternity Warriors on PC:

There are various ways that enable users to use Eternity Warriors over the desktop. To use Eternity Warriors on the desktop please follow the below listed steps-

  • First and foremost download Bluestack. Here is the link.
  • This is an emulator and it will provide users the ability to run android applications on your PC easily.
  • Gamers can either download the game from Google Play Store or make use of Bluestack search bar and Search for “Eternity warriors” which will download game directly.
  • Follow the instruction given in the screen and install the game.
  • After successful installation of the game, you can scroll to the “All App” options. Search for the Eternity warriors and click to play and make merry!

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WeChat has not been officially developed for a Computer operating system. But you don’t have to be worried anymore as here we will tell you how you can get it on your PC. WeChat App is a complete package supporting messaging services such as sending texts, audio messaging or a video with friends. All in all the program will require an internet connection; and many powerful and innovative features will be arriving in your hand. WeChat supports motion sensing commands. As you shake your phone it will perform action which can only be possible on other application by simply selecting and tapping on them. This is an innovative key feature of WeChat application which is found rarely in other common instant messaging tools.


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Next feature this application contains is, you can find strangers using WeChat around the globe. This can be achieved when you shake you phone and in a very next moment you will get a list of WeChat users who were shaking their phone at the same time. You can now select him/her profile and start sending messages. Besides this, there is another feature using which you can locate people near you, this is quite amazing too as you can simply get a list of all the people in your city, who are using wechat. Adding more to this, there are some filters in this search too, which would allow you to list only male/female.

It is important to remember, the stranger that you have found should response you back once you texted them. After their response, they will automatically be added to your friend list. Congrats! You have found and turned another stranger into new friend. The key to your application is WeChat ID. You can either use your Facebook account or Phone number to create an account on WeChat. After sign up, unique WeChat ID will be created which be flashing on your friends WeChat contact list as your nick name. You will receive all your messages with the same ID. You can customize you contact list where name appear instead WeChat ID as well.

You can personalize your personal information on your WeChat ID as well pretty smartly. For example, you can set an appropriate profile picture followed by an impressive status on your account. Apart you can set up and share your location on your We Chat account too.


Let’s take a look how it will be installed on your computer system.

WeChat for PC:

To get wechat on your PC, you need to install Bluestack Emulator. This Emulator offer access to all the Android applications. Its cloud connect manages all your applications proactively on cloud servers and supports different screen views while playing apps.

  • Bluestack can be download from here for free.
  • Install Bluestack on your PC using the installation package downloaded from link above.
  • Open it and search for ‘Wechat’.
  • Click on Wechat link in result to start downloading it from play store.

It might take a while for the application to install. So, wait till it completes.

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Telegram is a new messenger application introduced in the market. On going through its features and rising popularity, it probably can affect a bit part of WhatAapp user base. Of course whatsApp is totally a different aspect to compare when talking about its popularity which is being increased rapidly day to day. Well, apart from being a simple application, Telegram has some additional features too for Smartphone users.

image 001

Telegram messenger can be proved as the best messenger in the market, all because no issues have been experienced while handling and sharing files and media among friends. In fact, it can be used for document sharing of any type and aspects of a common messenger likewise.

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You can simply perform your basic operation on it, which have all those features what any normal messenger have, such as texting, media transfer, etc., with some unique features of its own. Now the question arises; what it differently allows you to perform, which is rarely found in other messengers? Well, to answer that, it helps you in storing important data onto cloud storage which seems quite same like American US browser. And the story has not been ended yet, you can also share any type of file through it as well. It only requires a sign up on its network and you are ready to begin. The point to be noted here is that file of not more than 1 GB size could be shared at a time.

How to Get Telegram for PC?

Telegram can be downloaded in all leading operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Although it is not yet offered for PC operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac, but don’t worry! You can have it on your PC using a specific emulator. An emulator offers a virtual compatibility to a PC in order to run an app supporting different operating system.

image 002

You can use emulator of any mobile platform pretty easily. Telegram application is available on all leading mobile platform, so you can any of the available emulators. The most common emulator revolving in the market is Android emulator Bluestacks which could be a suitable option for every user.

To download Android emulator for your PC, you would have to go through below given points.

  1. Click here to download and install Bluestacks.
  2. Let the download finish, then install Bluestacks on your PC.
  3. Now just go to your search bar and type “Telegram”.
  4. Click on the its link to download and install it.
  5. Few moments later, you will be seeing Telegram app on the console.
  6. Bingo! Let the show begin.

So, as your installation now has been done, all you have to do is just open Telegram application and run it the same way you use to run it on your Android phone. Signing up into telegram is pretty simple. You just have to register your phone number and you are done. You can even import your contacts to get it synced, and yes, do not forget to keep your data connection activated while accessing Telegram.