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Entertaining and educational games are seriously quite rare. However, Words with Friends” is an amazing game through which you can easily learn a lot while playing. This is such a game which can help you a lot in increasing your vocabulary.


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What Is This Game All About?

Words With Friends is actually no new or infant name in the smartphones. This game sets itself distinct because it provides you a chance to choose your opponent. You can search for players by browsing for players. There is also a community match from where you can search for the perfect match. You can also play solo being offline.

What you have to do is just search for a perfect opponent via browsing for players’ option. Once you get someone of your choice, you just need to start this knowledgeable yet challenging game with them. Even if your opponent is offline and you are in a mood to play this game, then you can play this game in offline mode also. The development of this game has proven the fact that you can gain knowledge from anything you want. It doesn’t only lies within books. You can even learn and add to your skills and vocabulary while playing.

All in all Words With Friends is basically a versatile game that not only entertains you but also sharpens your wit. It is actually that game that proves to go ahead than the traditional concepts that defines that games are only for kids and for entertaining purposes. With this game, you would not realize it but you will surely learn a lot in a short span of time.

How To Get Words with Friends on PC:

If you are one of those who want to enhance your skills and vocabulary via online applications then “Words With Friends” can be the best game for you. You can get this game easily on your PC. The procedure to get this game/ application is seriously very very easy. The steps to get this application are:


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  • Android emulator is the basic requirement to get this application on your PC.
  • There are many android emulators available in market. Choose Bluestacks since it’s the best one for you.
  • It can be easily downloaded from this link.
  • When the download and installation is finished, an icon of the bluestacks will be created on the screen on your PC.
  • Click on that icon and look for the “words for friends” application from there.
  • A special search box is given at the top to search.
  • A list of similar games will be displayed on the screen.
  • Choose the game “Words with Friends” from there.
  • Click to start the procedure of downloading.
  • After the downloading is completed. An icon of the game will be created on your PC’s screen.
  • Click on that icon and get started.

With just these simple steps you can get this amazing application on your PC. Whenever you are free just open this game and get started.

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CCleaner, the arch-popular application for Windows, has just been updated to a new version. This update brings not only a new look for the favorite application to clean “junk”of our Windows PC, but also  includes a new feature: hard disk analyzer.

What this allows is to place the heaviest to delete files.  All finished downloading files (movies, videos, compressed files) you’ve probably forgotten to have. With this disk analyzer, is quite easy to find which files (or what folders, or what kind of files) are occupying more space.

CCleaner screenshot

To access it, just have to go to “Tools” and find the Disk Analyzer / Analyzed Drive. Run on the hard drive you want to clean and after a few moments, you will receive the report with all the information.

With this, CCleaner still cementing his status as an indispensable application after a clean install of Windows.

Download CCleaner

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Nostalgia made ​​application. At this time, iTunes and the App Store are closed for holidays making it virtually impossible for the reviewers of the company can roll back applications that bypass some of the filters as we have seen in past Christmases. This year, it seemed a simple file management application has proved a NES emulator for iOS also allow us to run Super Nintendo video games.

Apple have made ​​such a strain. Year after year at this time the developers try to pass their applications before the close of iTunes apps store and company. In this case has been Floppy Cloud which has been all eyes with an application that hides much more than it is. Firstly because only unite with logging into Dropbox we can execute different ROMs NES and SMC (Super Nintendo), two of the most mythical of the big Japanese company consoles.Obviously the emulator is hidden because having risen as such to the App Store reviewers have not accepted an emulator that contravene the rules of the store itself plus some rights by copyright Nintendo.

floppy cloud

Undoubtedly, very smart of its developers movement and a whole Christmas gift to us all. We strongly link to download the application before recommend the company to work is put and delete this NES emulator for iOS as happened with Unblock and Gridlee in previous years.

Floppy Cloud is available only in English even has a fully functional version for iPad. Remember that once you download it, please make a backup of the application in any other way than iTunes because once gone, can not return to download because it will disappear from Apple’s servers.

Download : Floppy Cloud $ 1.99 | € 1.79

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We use our tablets to watch movies or web pages, to play, check social networks, organize our photos … They are very versatile devices, but we would never have imagined that with our iPad we could land a plane.Did you ever think so?

Aviation experts certify that Xavion, one app for iPad , means a before and after in the world of aviation. Not that Xavion do anything new, but what it offers tools required in a commercial airliner could cost a million dollars and in a private plane, around $ 30,000 .Xavion get it for the price of an iPad and a subscription of $ 200 per year.

Austin Meyer,creator of Xavion defines it as ” a virtual copilot “. He and his team has extensive experience in developing flight simulators for experimental models. They are also the creators of flight simulator for PC, X-Plane.

Xavion cloned much of the plane’s instruments on the iPad screen to use as display support where you need accurate information.

Using GPS, maps and information available on the Internet, such as climate, Xavion generates a virtual environment all around you . Using gyroscopes and accelerometers of the iPad, so as wind data, climate, and GPS is capable of generating a virtual path to safer airport, if the engines are stopped. It even shows a virtual path through hoops. The pilot just have to plan within them to land safely. The path is adapted to the cornering power, weight and maneuverability of the aircraft, in real time.

Xavion is also able to connect via WiFi to the automatic pilot of the plane and take control to ground the appliance . Literally, the iPad is already able to land a real plane.

In the case of losing pressure the app displays a warning and if no reaction assumes that the pilot unconscious and stabilizes the device so that passengers recover consciousness.

Xavion is available on the App Store for free, but you must pay about € 18 for access to information of the airports and there is a monthly fee of 19 € for certain advanced services.

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Apparently, Twitter and Foursquare are thinking ally next to integrate their services in a more profound way than we’ve been seeing so far. Our tweets have always had the option to include the location from which we sent them, but … what if you could leverage more?

If someone has shared a Foursquare check-ins on Twitter, has always been the same way: by posting a tweet that says where we are and with a link to the page on the web local Foursquare.Imagine, for example, we could check-in directly in Twitter using as a basis Foursquare data without having our official application.

It would combine the possibilities of the huge database and user community with Foursquare million tweets sent daily. And of course, all these data would be a goldmine for best Twitter orient as a promotional content to users.

Business Insider has even slide show that Twitter valued internally possibility. Top have one, and here is the evidence of an interface:

Twitter Location

According to the source would be realized from the first quarter of 2015 .We’ll have to see if it finally comes true, but for now a spokesman for Twitter has already said he considered geolocation as “a vehicle to discover” content.

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We all know about Secret.ly and those who aren’t familiar with this,it is a mobile social network created by two former employees of Google and aims to allow users to communicate openly with other anonymous users. We met with the initial concept earlier this year when it was released, has now changed with the new update that has been conducted in the Android and iOS platforms. Now it is intended to promote discussion among the users themselves, rather than casual leave messages, thus encouraging publish more frequently.

Users now have the ability to choose to share publications with friends or locally, unlike the previous concept, which automatically would go in both groups,as noted by TNW. And now also possible to set individual anonymous conversations with other users, be they friends, coworkers or even close geographically users. These conversations will receive individual names to be distinguishable against other conversations that may be active.

As we say, the new update Secret.ly now available for Android and iOS platforms through their respective app stores, an update that seeks to promote user participation and become more known option, considering shortly after launch, has fallen into oblivion.

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If you’re using iPad, chances are at some point you’ve raised the possibility of using your device as a secondary display for your Mac. If so, today we speak of an iOS app that can be quite useful as it allows exactly that.

We’re talking about Duet Display, an app developed by a group of former Apple engineers that promises to turn your iPad into a second monitor for your Mac running without any lag in the image , for which the information is transferred through cable rather than via WiFi. The operation of Duet Display is very simple, as only we have to download it on our iPad and our Mac and connect devices with Lighting cable or 30-pin connector (depending on model). The image quality offered by the application is really good (60 frames per second), so the user experience is more than satisfactory . In addition, as a curiosity we could emphasize that the touch features of our device remain available while using it as a secondary display, so that we can interact with the computer through the iPad screen. And it is not only compatible with the latter, since being a universal application can also install it on the iPhone.

Display Duet is priced at € 8.99 and is compatible with all models of iPhone and iPad from iOS 5.1.1 onwards. As for the Mac version, you can download for free from the project website and is compatible with the version from OS X Mavericks forward. For the moment, no version of the Windows application, so you can only use it if besides an iPad you also have a Mac .

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Undoubtedly Loopr is an application that uses well the multitasking Android because its function has become one of the most used in recent months, this is because it is very effective, with good design and allows us to things quickly.

Its function adds a menu type, but in this we can access different applications that have open or we want to open. To access this menu only have to position a finger on the screen and when you do mark around your finger different application icons, so you can open the one you want just by swiping your finger to that App .Loopr is configurable in several ways, for example you can enable or disable the vibration when you put a finger on the screen or when you select an application, you can also change the part where the icons appear, which by default is the center of the screen but you can put on the sides top or bottom. Or you can activate the application information to display his name and more things.

The application has two versions, one free to add all the above and the other version is payment for $ 2.99, which adds features such as viewing time to position yourself on an application icon when opening effects and the icon change, among others.Loopr for android free, download it here from my point of view as the free version provides the necessary solution for good multitasking experience.

Google Play Store : Loopr

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There are a lot of applications that can quickly share your screenshots and other files over the Internet, as Cloudup or Droplr , of which I have spoken in the past. However, it is likely that, for whatever reason, do not call much attention having to share your files with a company .


Dropshare is a service (available for OS X, Apple’s operating system) that aims to provide a tool with which users can share files without worrying about the fact upload them to the servers of a given company. Therefore, once we have started the tool, we have a choice as storage cloud our own server , plus Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Files. As a result, it is possible to upload any type of file to our server and share it easily thanks to the additional features of the application. We could highlight the role upload screenshots automatically and the ability to customize the URL to send to our contacts to share content. In addition, it also allows recording and sharing the information displayed on the screen the same way.

Dropshare is available on the Mac App Store at a price of 7.99 euros , although you can download a trial version of three days from the official website.

Link: Dropshare | App Store .

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Today I want to recommend a new tool called FrootVPN, which is a free VPN service that allows us to navigate safely and anonymously on the net. With FrootVPN we can access blocked by country services, saute all kinds of limitations, change our IP, and prevent anyone to control us because everything travels in encrypted form.

Froot VPN

Best of all, the service works with any device without installing anything extra. We can use it on Windows, Linux, Mac, or on mobile devices with iOS or Android.

FrootVPN configuration is very simple and does not require anything extra. To learn how to configure the connection can visit the guides offered on the official site, and there they will see how to install it on any device with any operating system.

The most important thing is safety, so featuring 3 different connection protocols, which allows us to go from 128 to 2048 bits.

Link: FrootVPN