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Despite whoever gets upset, the selfies still fashionable and on everyone’s lips. Proof of this is the choice of “selfie” as the word of the year, based on that famous practice that has become popular with front cameras already incorporate tablets and smartphones.

With millions of users making every moment and with ever more accessories available in the market for this purpose, we remained to know what the logical evolution of this practice would be. And here it is.

They are about the ” selfies 3D “generated thanks to 3D handheld scanner Fuel3D.This device, called Scanify can capture a 3D image of a face in less than a second, so it is possibly the first 3D scanner to selfies world

Scanify accomplishes this by using a pair of pre-calibrated cameras not only improve the rate of fire, but also eliminate blur which may occur when a subject moves.

3D selfies

Users can not only capture their gestures, grimaces and expressions they also can be capture more content by adjusting 3D images of other surfaces and then tie it all together by software Scanify.

The 3D selfies captured by Scanify can be uploaded to various platforms dedicated to share 3D images, as SketchFab, then print them on a 3D printer.

Despite the curious invention enjoy Scanify is not available for all budgets because the starting price of the scanner 3D selfies costs a whopping $ 1,490. However, it should be noted that the only use of Scanify is not catching selfies in three dimensions, as it is a powerful 3D scanning tool that can capture color details to 0.355 mm and scan virtually any object .

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What is LinkedIn? Did you know that 75% of users, one of the things he likes LinkedIn, you see who looked at your profile ? It’s no wonder … This and other data on the chart:

LinkedIN user portrait

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Although there is little likelihood that there will be an apocalypse (only if we throw a nuclear bomb or it gets worse), it would not hurt us to have at our disposal small tools that could potentially save our life. We never know what might happen, so let’s show some “inventions” that will be very useful.

They are simply tools that fit into any pocket and that you will in case if you had to face a difficult situation. Even though there is no apocalypse, you have on hand will also help.

Multi Wrench

Multi Wrench

Reusable hand warmers

Hand warmer

Chainsaw thumbnail

Pocket Chainsaw

Multi Credit Card

Multi Credit Card

Charging via USB key

Charging via USB key


Wallet Ninja

Wallet Ninja

Convertible Card Knife

Convertible Card Knife

Hidden Wallet

True wallet

Are you planning to buy any one of these?

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Although since last June had not heard from him, the plugin End-to-end to Google for encrypting emails in Chrome is more alive than ever. In fact, just yesterday its source code was uploaded to GitHub, a popular platform for collaborative control for the review and development of software, confirming the commitment of Google to remain an open source project .

End-to-end will be devoted to encrypt messages we send via e-mail directly from our computer issuer, deciphering the receiver then no one can see our content along the way. The extension makes use of OpenPGP, a library used by many encryption tools and could also work with other web mail providers.

This new alpha version of the plugin will include the first fruits of the announced collaboration between Alex Stamos, security chief Yahoo Inc. and Google to get the project. In addition, the Wikiproject start also include information for both developers and Privacy any researcher interested in wanting to know the details of how it works.

Still Stephan Somogyi, project manager, says the plugin still is not ready to be included in the Chrome Web Store , which launched only when Google is satisfied with the usability of their distribution mechanisms and key management. Therefore, it seems that we have to wait a while before they can start testing.

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Practically there is a computer box for each user, such is the variety of market. Some are small, large, rectangular or oddly shaped, can already boast of them instead of hiding under the table. Or you can even display your computer into the wall as if it were a box with the latest creation from Lian Li.

A computer as a picture

The new Lian Li O series consists of several boxes of different sizes but with a unique design based on computer components show a tall and thin format. There are several models depending on our motherboard: Mini-ITX PC-O5, the mini-ITX PC-O5S, micro-ATX PC-O6S, and ATX PC-O7S.

All have the same options for mounting the components, including the possibility of putting the hard drives in the saddle with a shield of aluminum, mounted directly on the same motherboard tray, or behind it. The graphics card is not connected directly to the motherboard, but a connector is used to place it parallel to the plate. Models with a “S” at the end are also compatible with water cooling.

lian li chasis

But what definitely makes this original range is the ability to hang on the wall boxes , instead of having them on the table; in fact if we prefer the latter so need to use the aluminum support included because they are so thin that easily fall. However that is exactly what makes them so good to put on the wall, saving space.

Dream casing

However, to presume have to spend to own this, as the cheaper, the mini-ITX PC-O5 costs $ 289, while more expensive, the ATX PC-O7S, costs $ 419. They will be available next February.

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Do not know when to keep your image as JPEG, GIF or PNG? This handy infographic gives you the necessary information about each format and why should we keep it so. In addition, the infographic also shows us some useful data, pros and cons and best: tips to use.


Lightweight size, extension JPG / JPEG compatible across multiple platforms and programs. The standard of most cameras. It supports 16 million colors. Is a compression method where information is lost par save space , so the small size / weight. For web should use 65-75% compression

Best Use: static images, photographs, complex colors, light / dark colors.


It was created by CompuServe in 1987 and allows the use of a transparent color (for images with transparent background) which does not have the JPEG. Limited to 256 colors instead of millions of colors. The great advantage of the GIF, however, is that they can be animated. Has limitations and the result of an animated GIF is usually a large file, but given your level of compatibility, is what many end up choosing.

Best uses: animations, web graphics with few colors, small icons, simple images.


Lossless compression data (lossless). PNG also permits an alpha channel; ie also allows transparency as GIFs. We have two formats, PNG-8 which is similar to the GIF to allow 256 colors, while the PNG-24 supports 16 million colors (such as JPEG). As a method of lossless compression, files are heavier, but do not sacrifice information, and there is no quality loss after multiple saved image

Best Use:  pictures on the web as logos that have transparencies, complex images such as photographs where size does not matter that is crucial.


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Do not say that technology is not where it needs to move forward. Even on such a sensitive issue as holding breasts. It is not the first time in recent months that laboratories have come prototypes that seek to improve the daily lives of women reinventing an undergarment with centuries of development behind and even Microsoft itself has dared to investigate on their own with the called smart bra. Just out of the University of Wollongong in Australia boasts no connectivity, but something more important: the form and subject.

Ideal for every situation bra

Bionic Bra

This “bionic bra” has been in development 15 years and only now the technology has reached the point where the vision of its creators could be realized. This bra is able to meet the needs of its users, depending on the situation. You can press when more support is needed and relax when touched; to achieve the establishment of new adaptive fibers connected with sensors that detect the speed of movement. Its creators hope that with this more women to exercise daily without additional equipment.

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It is always good to share this kind of tricks, we do not know when we might be useful in cases of extreme necessity. Then see how to load your emergency telephone with a pair of elements, which are:

Emergency Charging

  • 9V battery
  • A key (or any other metal objects driver)
  • Car Charger

I know, you may be wondering why we make such a mess if charger auto … The answer much not know but may have all those things and do not have a car where I connect it: P.

The procedure is very simple and you can see from the video below. Just connect the charger cable to the phone, make a bridge with the key and go. Be aware of looking good the poles because they can burn everything.

Seen Instructables



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Imagine you want to completely disappear Internet and that there is no way to get some information about you on the web.

If this is your case, in the following graphics you’ll find nine steps that you must follow to completely erase your Internet traces. It will not be easy, but you can try to remove most of the available information by following these steps:

Online Houdini

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If the pronunciation of English words is still a problem for you, let me say that Google has set provide a solution and has launched an interesting experiment, consisting of a game in which you win or progresses to the extent that one spell correctly series of words that will be presented in this language, learning which is so necessary today.

Spell Up

Between you correctly pronounce most words through the microphone, the higher will be the tower that is formed every time you advance in the game.Good performance on this will take you to higher levels of complexity in which the activities require the location of letters in some words in their proper place, which clearly determine that you have advanced and their English has improved.

The invitation is then to use Spell Up , an interesting tool which strengthens an area where many have large gaps and is responsible for displaying the possibilities offered by modern browsers, especially Google Chrome.

Below is a video that will allow them to know how Spell Up works and general nature of this recent invention of Google, and can be considered by language teachers to do much more fun classes from now on.

The game is accessed for free via the following link Spellup.withgoogle.com , and thanks to the power of new
technologies and 
customizable web design can be used both computers and mobile devices.