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A controversial BBC documentary about the miserable working conditions in the Chinese factories of Apple iPhone 6 where, iPad, and other devices are mounted, has been at war with the Apple Company. But not for what is seen in the documentary (exhausted workers, days 16 hours 7 days a week, child exploitation), but because the investigation accuses Apple of violating its promises to improve the conditions of Chinese workers.

Tim Cook has confessed he was ” deeply offended “by the documentary.

This week the British broadcaster BBC has issued an investigative report into the program Panorama, where they studied the working conditions in factories contracted by Apple in China. Interestingly, it is not based on rumors extracted information or interviews: several journalists posing as Chinese workers and cast as workers in factories Pegatron in Shanghai, where the iPhone 6 is mounted.

Recorded with hidden camera, you can see workers sleeping in the assembly, some of them collapsing sleep on devices that are riding.Throughout the documentary, it is revealed that some workers have 16 hours a day, others work 18 days straight without a break and bedrooms are piled up to 11 people .

As if that were not enough, it also shows how Apple has bought tin from illegal mines in Indonesia, where children work extracting the mineral.The conclusion of the report is that Apple has failed to fulfill its promise to improve conditions in Chinese factories that produce the iPhone 6 and other devices.

Here you can see an excerpt from the BBC documentary uploaded to YouTube, where workers is falling asleep in the assembly:

Apple has responded with an internal email sent by Jeff Williams , vice president of operations, to all employees. In this email confesses that ” Tim Cook and I are deeply offended by the accusations of the documentary“.

Williams claims that Apple provided the BBC data and information on the subject, but refused to include them in the documentary. Ensures that the company has monitored the working hours of a million employees of the assembly and 93% met the limit of 60 hour work week imposed by Chinese law.

As for the accusations of buying illegal tin mines where exploit minors, Apple itself acknowledges the fact. But explains why. For them, the easiest would be to buy tin elsewhere.But they are determined to end the illegal mines in Indonesia, and therefore have stayed there . They have created a working group Tin with companies in the country with the intention of legalizing underground mines and end child exploitation.

Are you convinced by the reasons given by Apple to charges of the BBC?

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Masayasu Ito, executive vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment , said in an interview that we can see a PlayStation 5 , making it clear that there will be another generation of consoles by the Japanese company.

Good news for fans of PlayStation, although this was not the only surprise dropped by Ito, who also referred to the possible performance of it.

According to Ito,this could reach the market as a console with a conventional operation, ie very close to what we are used to, but it is also possible that the same is wholly or partly based on cloud computing.

Personally I think the game in the cloud has not evolved enough to give Sony the possibility of launching a new generation console based entirely in the cloud and I do not do the medium term, so it is more than likely to think that PlayStation 5 will further the wake of “traditional” console

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Microsoft has sold Line service online, MixRadio music . The truth is that this news is not surprising at all, since in July by e-mail in which filtered it was confirmed that the Redmond company was thinking of selling the platform . The details of the agreement were not disclosed , as means informs The Verge .

At present, the service has a  free version and a “premium” of payment, which allows users to create a radio station based on genres or artists similar to what you’re listening to. The system studies the tastes of users and recommends songs similar to those that are listening. Of course, a much more personalized and predictive than some competitors system.

Meanwhile, Line is a very popular messaging application that has experienced rapid growth since it was launched , especially in Asian countries. In addition, the corporation intends to launch next its own online music service called year Line Music , which already has the support of record labels from the likes of Sony Music Entertainment and Avex Digital . Today, the company has 170 million customers in 230 countries worldwide , according to official data provided by the company.

Nokia MixRadio

I am confident that MixRadio offer our users a unique online service to listen songs , because music is an important element in lives of people, “said Shin Jung-ho , director of global operations Line. For his part, President of MixRadio , Jyrki Rosenberg, noted that the acquisition “will enable the growth of both companies” .

Anyway, the team of Microsoft continue developing its streaming music app for Lumia phones . However, probably in the near future, will be also available for Android , the mobile operating system from Google and tablets, and iOS , Apple. This could open the door to the platform to more customers to provide higher returns to service.

Anyway not seem so strange that Microsoft wants to get rid of this system . And it would have enough sense internally, because  somehow compete with Xbox Music , multiplatform system developed by the Redmond. With it, users can  listen to their favorite artists in your computer, tablet, smartphone or on your Xbox .

The system allows to  download music and synchronize it with all your terminals also play content offline. Microsoft introduced  Xbox Music in  October 2012 for  all users who have the Xbox 360 . At first, the online music service intended to combine the best options payment models with free . However, it seems that their strategy has not turned out as expected and, a few days ago, the multinational decided to go just for the monthly subscription .

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The GTX 960 from NVIDIA is one of the most anticipated graphics cards now and promises to be the best price-performance solution for those with tight budgets.

According to a reports, this new midrange graphics card could reach the market next January 22 with a price change would be around $210.

This information keeps the line that placed this card as a solution with a maximum price of $ 250 , which is totally logical since the GTX 970 has an average price of $ 330.

A level specifications are comments that use only a power connector 6 pin , which again is credible because Maxwell especially noted for its good performance ratio consumption.

Otherwise remains what we have seen in previous rumors, which leaves us, in short, the following approximate picture of the GTX 960:

  • 1,280 shaders.
  • Bus 192 bits , unlikely using one of 256 bits.
  • Frequencies of 993 MHz-1050 MHz GPU normal and turbo modes.
  • 3 GB of GDDR5 (192-bit bus) -4 GB of GDDR5 (256-bit bus) to 6 GHz.

We need to wait until January to see this become a reality.

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It seems that Facebook is testing a new feature to its famous groups. We have discovered a new button called “Sell Something” , which would help us promote an item we want to sell from a group.

Pressing this button again several fields to fill before publishing the post, such as product name, listed the price (by checking whether negotiable or not), a description, pictures or photos and instructions for delivery or collection. So far it is not clear what the purpose of these publications, but point to be just a channel through which people sell a product you think will help.

Of course the most important thing about this feature is that they will fall like a glove to groups buy / sell , allowing product display ads more organized and more accurate information. Should be clear that Facebook is not responsible for the sale , but would only be the means by which we promote our products.

Unfortunately functionality only being tested in some specific groups and for now not known when it will be available to all users. Hopefully in the coming weeks and an official announcement will be made.

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It is not the first time the music of Madonna began circulating on the Internet before it presented. In late November this year leaked two songs , one entitled ” Rebel Heart “ and the other “Wash All Over Me”. By then her agent , Guy Oseary, tweeted the following: appreciate any fan of Madonna help us find the person responsible for the leak. Now, what just filter is a complete album. The album did not even have a final name; was known as “Iconic “or” Unapolegetic Bitch “. The artist has spent most of this past year working in her studio in the new music . She has not yet announced any release date, nor has unveiled the official title. However, an album with thirteen cuts available yesterday in file exchange networks ( P2P ).

The leaked songs are produced by Aviici, Diplo, Natalia Kills and Ryan Tedder . It was not expected that any new album by the singer was available in stores until well into 2015. Madonna replied to seepage through their account on Instagram. There commented: “Thank you for not listening. Thank you for your loyalty. Please wait “. Also tells her followers that “if you have heard, please know that they are unfinished demos stolen long ago and were not ready to be presented to the world ”

Later, in another post, the reaction of the queen of pop has been a bit more raw, and has described the leak of “artistic rape” and compared it with a form of terrorism. Madonna repeats that are demos on stage Initial and that half of them will not even appear on the final drive, and the other half have already changed. The artist also notes that the leaks are a theft of intellectual property and concludes with several questions: Why do people want to end the artistic process? Why steal? Why do not you give me a chance to finish and give the best of me?

Previously, the producer Diplo confirmed the title of one song ” Bitch, I’m Madonna “and further explained details about his collaboration with Madonna . He met through their children, and then she invited him to a party.They ended up writing seven songs together. Diplo confessed not often feel pressure to write songs, but when it comes to an artist of this caliber, obviously you wanted to give everything.

In early July, Madonna spoke about a new cut called “Messiah” in her account on Instagram. And the British newspaper The Sun mentioned two songs produced by Swedish DJ Avicii: “Two Steps Behind” and “Heartbreak City”.

This is the list of the thirteen songs on the disc filter:

1. Unapologetic Bitch

2. Bitch I’m Madonna

3. Addicted (The One That Got Away)

4. Borrowed Time

5. Heartbreak City

6. Illuminati

7. Joan Of Arc

8. Living 4 Love (Carry On)

9. Make The Devil Pray

10. Messiah

11. Rebel Heart

12. Revolution

13. Wash All Over Me

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Sony prepares conference at CES in which the company will announce among other things, its proposal for smartphones and tablets, highlighting the Xperia super tablet Z4 Ultra and the new flagship mobile phone  Xperia Z4 .

The Sony Xperia Z4 would be worthy of the most powerful smart phones with the new SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, reserved for the top end. The screen would grow to 5.5 inches from 5.2 inches of Z3.Also from the FHD resolution to 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

There is talk of 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage capacity basis. An improved back camera with 20 megapixel sensor capable of recording video at 240 fps 4K would be another novelty of a terminal to maintain its certificate of resistance against dust and water and improve design, thickness and lightness on the already good Z3 that I personally loved although it has not been among the best sellers.

Another interesting marketing level of detail Xperia X4 that we knew from Gizmodo, analyzing a part of the script filtering of the new James Bond movie “Spectre” you can think of to have taken . Guessed, the attack on Sony Pictures  is going to have to talk for months.

Aston Martin

You know that our favorite spy change car lover and antagonist in every new release and for the occasion, Daniel Craig sporting a stunning  Aston Martin DB10 especially designed for the film as a tribute to the fiftieth anniversary of the presence of the DB5 in movies 007.

If Christoph Waltz will be the villain of the movie, the Italian beauty Monica Bellucci is the grand dame of Spectre and smartphone Xperia Z4 will be precisely in the Bond movie . A promotional effort by Sony and a welcome amount for a film they say-by far exceed all records of producing a Bond movie.

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The closure of Pirate Bay has not meant much less the end for torrent downloads on the Internet. No one even supposed to own Pirate Bay, and which as we review between alternatives clones using the same content they had when they are closed.

Now we can create ourselves our own clone Pirate Bay, thanks to an initiative by isoHunt; the famous download page is one that has kept a copy available and will now offer more project source code for anyone to modify and mount it on the server. The initiative is called The Open Bay and is available for download on github .

Open Bay is the Pirate Bay for all

Pirate Bay Copy

The truth is that most users will not bother to mount a server to host a clone of Pirate Bay, but this work can be very useful for the community. Its creators have written some detailed instructions on what files need to copy and what scripts have to run, but as always, if you know what you’re doing probably should not.

Of course, it is useless to have a web page identical to Pirate Bay if we have the torrent files themselves, but fortunately there on the net a “torrent Torrent” with links to all the files that were available on the page. The good thing is that if we start from scratch with a new project we are free to do so. A sample of close Pirate Bay only served to create more alternatives.

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We know it’s not strictly necessary to have knowledge of website development when ask to have your own presence online and we have a number of tools that allow us to make our websites in minutes and visually. Within these services we find Pikock which just launched its new version.

Pikock highlights the availability of block 100 pre-designed for use within the intelligent editor blocks, with blocks for the contact information, shapes, locations and other content. It also highlights its elegant gallery of images to choose any of them and use background, giving more striking to the web pages. This version debuts new image loader, according advertised, is twice as fast and allow editing of these images through self image editor platform.


And more briefly, also notes the availability of a new user interface, which is clearer than before and a new archiving system versions, new model to save and publish, integration of site verification to Google and Pinterest and a new favicon.

Pikock does not stop listing the major improvements, as it shows a number of real examples of websites made on its own platform, allowing users to have a better understanding of the quality of the pages to be created through this platform. And if for some issue, users have problems or questions, they can contact the new support by chat or email at any time of day.

Pikock basic service costs two dollars a month for a single page, although users can opt for the $20 a month to create their websites without page limits. In either case include a test version for 30 days.