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Twitter bought Vine in 2012. Although initially this app to generate videos of less than 6 seconds generated great expectations, soon stopped starring holders. However, two years later, there are many companies that have seen her potential to communicate with customers and potential customers.

Vine is enjoying something of a resurgence and the company is adding new features. For example, a few weeks ago, you can share videos we already have stored in the memory of the mobile phone.

The rise of Vine

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In the past we have seen various tools to run the Google mobile operating system on a conventional computer. Provide appropriate hardware support is one of the greatest difficulties that every developer must face, but Console OS will look to overcome that with a build very specialized and optimized, bringing the best of Android desktop .

All the times I ran to Android on a computer was out of curiosity. I also used to BlueStacks on one or two occasions, but it was frustrating to spend so much time trying to convince a properly functioning application. Finally I decided to leave Android on platforms for which it is designed. However, the idea of seeing Android on a PC never disappeared entirely. As always, the hardest part is finding the necessary hardware support. Graphics cards, motherboards wireless network, input devices … the list is long and Android has reservations. With the advent of KitKat , things improved a lot, but we must not lose sight of the fact that the priority of Android are mobile devices.

With that in mind, the project Console OS will seek to challenge the current state of Android, developing a build fully optimized for use on x86 computers, no matter whether they are desktops, laptops or hybrids. One of the most important aspects of Console OS is that it will dual-boot Windows 8.x support, which involves avoiding all tantrums might do Secure Boot. You will also have support for running more than one application at a time, 3 and OpenGL ES 3.1 and access to the store of Google Play, although the situation is similar to that of Cyanogenmod, and probably need to install the application manually. Another striking aspect of Console OS is “InstaSwitch” , a proprietary feature that allows the user to pass Windows native to native Android on a single session without having to reboot.

Console OS will be composed of two versions. The first will be completely free and have all the basic functions to be used successfully to Android on the desktop. Then there is the Pro edition, incorporating the aforementioned InstaSwitch, WindowFlinger (Android applications under Windows) , DVR support, additional codecs and remote access via console, among other things. The Pro version Console OS is on presale through Kickstarter , with a cost of only ten U.S. dollars and everyone who buys the OS now gain access to free updates forever (otherwise Console OS Pro costs $ 20 annually ) . If all goes well, the first stable version of Console OS will be released in December.

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Gone are the years in which “Linux was difficult “because thanks to new things all the time that were coming out, everythingbecame much more simple, even become the same as the Windows . But for those who want to delve further into the use of this operating system, I want to leave an excellent course book  for the starters or those who do not have any kind of knowledge on the subject.

The course title is very violent, do not get me wrong, I did not choose, but this is the way to teaching that is (?): “Linux Course for beginners, gross and extremely awkward.”


The book is quite extensive, consisting of 476 pages in which we find the following content:

– Part (I) Iniciacicion Al SO Linux
– A Who should attend this course
– Introduction To Linux
– Some Basic Concepts
– Manual System
– The Shell
– Introduction Processes
– More About Processes and Signals
– System Files (Part )
– System Files (Part Two)
– System Files (Part Three)
– Some Useful Commands
– Regular Expressions
– The Vi Editor (Part One)
– The Vi Editor (Part Two)
– Programming Shellscript (Part One)
– Programming Shellscript (Part Two)
– In Shellscript Solved Exercises
– Part (ii)  Advanced De Linux
– Introduction Course Part II
– The  In Linux Virtual
– The First Installation Of Linux
– Terminals
– Scheduling Tasks In Time
– Introduction A Networks
– The Boot In Linux And How to Solve Your Problems (Part One)
– The Boot In Linux And How to Solve Your Problems (Part Two)
– General Tips To Compile Kernels.

This is the one stoppage for all those who want to get into this OS from the beginning and I can surely bet on that. 🙂

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It is no secret that Google has launched many services that have not been as successful as they hoped, so they have to close it. In some cases services people if used and for some strange reason decided to close them.

Recently Google announced it will close its social network Orkut on September 30 , which was his first attempt to launch a social network. Once this disappears social network users can not access it or import your photos to Google+ and have it start to remove the applications from Google Play and App Store.


Right now you can not sign up to this social network, the records were completely closed and users will have the opportunity to migrate your data using Google Takeout, so if you have an account on that service is the time to go in progress migration.

Orkut became a very important social network in Brazil , a country where he had a large number of active users, but in the rest of the world did not have the same impact. So a service over Google has happen to a better life.

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The high-end phones today are above $ 700, so very few users can afford to have one. But it has now emerged a new high-end phone that comes at a very competitive price and it is attracting attention.

This is the One OnePlus a high end phone that retails for $ 299 and its features are very interesting. The 16GB version is what will this cost, while the 64GB will cost $ 349 U.S. dollars.

OnePlus One

Inside you will find a processor  Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz quad-core and 3 GB of RAM, so it will be a very fast device. It will have  CyanogenMod 11 , a version of Android 4.4 without any customization KitKat and Google services. 

It has a screen of  5.5 inch 1080p , 13 MP camera f / 2.0 (Sony Exmor IMX214) with ability to record video in 4K mode and slow-motion at 720p. The front camera is 5 megapixel wide angle. As for connectivity adds support for Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS, 4G Networks, LTE and a battery of 3,100 mAh.

The colors available for this device are the black and white, but you can change the housing. Finally, the phone will be available in  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Germany vi, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States.

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Since long ago began to circulate rumors about the possible launch of a smart watch by Apple. So far as he had known that manufacturing had begun and it was not a sure thing.

But now the site  Re / Code  who always correct in their forecasts and predictions, indicates that Apple is preparing an event for the month of October in which they will present no less than its smart watch , which all called iWatch, although it will not be the final name .


Reports also indicate that Apple is confident that its intelligent clock will succeed, so order the production of 3 to 5 million units to be sold in the first month. Among the possible features has this watch is able to measure the physical activity, also work with the Health application that is included in iOS 8 so you have all the information in one place.

Another question is the price of the device, because depending on the price is the success you have.