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Google has spent years turning to how to deal with cars from different sides. One of them happens to extend the scope of Android , its operating system for mobile devices , cars. So far, the company has software attempting including Android Auto in the latest version of its operating. This solution requires an Android smartphone that is connected to the car audio equipment car. This computer must have a screen and must also be compatible with Android Auto . If all that is true, the user can access the maps from Google, play music streaming and use various applications when you are inside your car. That’s fine, but the Internet giant’s ambitions go even further.

Google is working on a version of Android is installed as standard in cars, so that users can benefit from all functions without connecting any smartphone , reports Reuters. Thus, the car’s occupants can enjoy various sources of information and entertainment fluidly. The company has never revealed the long-term plans to conquer the hearts of the car . However, it seems that the inclusion of Android Auto directly in cars is getting closer.Actually, the plans of the company are launching this new special automotive version while its new operating system, now known as Android M .

google android car

The release of Android M is expected within a year or so. This move by Google is interpreted as a large balance forward by analysts. Getting Auto Android comes built into the vehicles factory would be a huge step forward for a leading position in the market. If the company manages to convince enough automakers and car audio equipment, Android could end up becoming a standard navigation and entertainment on board the car . Thus, Google fortify their status against Apple in this market with high growth potential. And there would be another very important advantage. The company would have access to other valuable prey: the data collected by the vehicle , for example, sensors, camera, storage, tours, browser GPS and Internet connections.

This integration within the system of the car , would enable the myriad of services Google whenever the driver start the car. At the end of the day, millions of people around the world spend about an hour at the wheel every day. That would include advertising , because advertisers are hungry for new ways to reach potential buyers. For example, analysts suggest that access to the location of GPS and travel history and stops throughout the day, would be a source of information highly exploitable from an advertising point of view.

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3D printing has enormous potential, while allowing manufacture from living tissue to blood vessels , through numerous objects and items of daily use to dentures that help those in need.

We have seen numerous cases, including that of one baby who saved his life through a tracheal splint 3D printed and today we have another example that certainly gets us out a grin.

We speak of Derby, a lovely pet dog who had the misfortune to be born with a deformity in its front legs, as shown in the video, prevented him from leading a normal life minimally.

With the might receive a custom made ​​prosthesis that allowed him to get rid of the uncomfortable wheels that helped him during his first stage and that certainly proved troublesome for Derby in most cases.

The result is fantastic as Derby is totally happy and can live almost like a normal dog, making it clear once again that technology, coupled with brilliant minds obviously makes our life easier without going to distinguish races.

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Depending on where you may live is possible that during these days may have to use chains on your car, or even that you have to put winter tires all season; something that is a major cost and hassle of changing them. But it is inevitable if we drive safely by snowy roads, right?

Changing tires

The Korean manufacturer Hankook believes that you should not need to be constantly changing tire depending on the need, and already have a concept of how it would be. It is a tire that becomes capable of adapting to the ground to offer the highest possible grip no matter the situation.

Yes, perhaps a little strange that Hankook has decided to show its potential in what looks like a death race:

First the Boostrac, capable of expanding to increase grip in difficult terrain, then Alpike, which allows driving on asphalt and snow and finally the more striking, the HyBlade, which allows driving even at high water levels . As the video shows, could also serve to motor sport, to decide who is the best driver on all surfaces, a kind of futuristic rally cross.

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Stream TV is expected to announce at CES to globally launch of a range of products that allow us to view 3D content without glasses. A technology that could already released last year by the hand of the same company during the CES 2014 .

By using 4K UHD panels, Stream TV manages to generate the three-dimensional effect without eyeglass. A competitive advantage because it is not only natural but also more fatigue least those who are not accustomed to using.

3D Tv

Anyway I will not be who dictates what should or should not do but for much 3D glasses that offer us the problem remains the same. 3D content has failed to sell us a really different experience, sometimes were very forced sequences to show a spectacular image but lack of sense.

In addition, to amortize the development is assumed that the initial price will not be cheap or at least not as much as some of the models 4K UHD we can already acquire or be launched at CES.

I want to see and would like to try well? Yes, I am very curious about every new technology that appears but 3D will remain null and extra weight in my buying decision.

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Chris Hook, director of public relations for AMD , confirmed that the signing of Sunnyvale is working in a dynamic control frames, which have temporarily named as Dynamic Frame Rate Control.

At first glance reminds us quite a technology that takes time and between us, the well-known V-Sync, although AMD aims to go one step further or so it appears from what has been said by Hook.

When V-Sync is activated and our system reaches 100 FPS the reduced to 60 FPS to be equal to the refresh rate of our monitor, yet our GPU will continue to work at the same level and, therefore, consuming the same energy.

With AMD Dynamic Frame Rate Control aims to achieve just that harmonize frames per second refresh rate of our monitor, like V-Sync, but while controlling the working frequencies of the GPU.

This means that with this technology, if a game runs at 120 FPS and 60 FPS only need to show proceed to reduce the working speed of the graphics card , so also reduce the consumption of it.

In contrast, if the requirements increase and needs extra muscle to keep those 60 FPS increase the working frequency , a very interesting approach as AMD could save a considerable amount of energy, but we have no details about its possible release date.

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There are a lot of applications that can quickly share your screenshots and other files over the Internet, as Cloudup or Droplr , of which I have spoken in the past. However, it is likely that, for whatever reason, do not call much attention having to share your files with a company .


Dropshare is a service (available for OS X, Apple’s operating system) that aims to provide a tool with which users can share files without worrying about the fact upload them to the servers of a given company. Therefore, once we have started the tool, we have a choice as storage cloud our own server , plus Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Files. As a result, it is possible to upload any type of file to our server and share it easily thanks to the additional features of the application. We could highlight the role upload screenshots automatically and the ability to customize the URL to send to our contacts to share content. In addition, it also allows recording and sharing the information displayed on the screen the same way.

Dropshare is available on the Mac App Store at a price of 7.99 euros , although you can download a trial version of three days from the official website.

Link: Dropshare | App Store .

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Today I want to recommend a new tool called FrootVPN, which is a free VPN service that allows us to navigate safely and anonymously on the net. With FrootVPN we can access blocked by country services, saute all kinds of limitations, change our IP, and prevent anyone to control us because everything travels in encrypted form.

Froot VPN

Best of all, the service works with any device without installing anything extra. We can use it on Windows, Linux, Mac, or on mobile devices with iOS or Android.

FrootVPN configuration is very simple and does not require anything extra. To learn how to configure the connection can visit the guides offered on the official site, and there they will see how to install it on any device with any operating system.

The most important thing is safety, so featuring 3 different connection protocols, which allows us to go from 128 to 2048 bits.

Link: FrootVPN

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Codepen Blogging is a simple but powerful blogging platform geared to make writing source code. Take a look.

 blogging-heroCodepen is a wonderful tool for testing interactive specially designed to make things a little front-end developer . With its powerful code editor in the browser you can create demos with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is very easy to use and allows you to focus on testing, as it should be. With the same premise in mind, Codepen brings us a new platform forblogging aimed at you to focus on what matters most, writing.

Codepen Blogging is a platform for blogs completely focused on providing its users the script source code with a complete set of tools.

Create your blog Codepen Blogging

Write on platform is very simple, in fact requires no cumbersome settings. To select the new post you have.What is coming is arm your items, give them a title, post and hope that many readers will read and give feedback .


Codepen Blogging is not the first nor the last such tool, but its novelty is that its editor has options that really easier to write source code and this is critical in a blog of a developer who often find it necessary to give practical examples. Some of its features are:

  • Write in Markdown : if you already know this marking fantastic language, otherwise you should take a look. It is much cleaner to write directly in HTML, for example. Blogging Codepen implement variantRed Carpet , learn from your reference guide .
  • Syntax highlighting : this is a fundamental property of a code editor. In Codepen just select your source language and remain highlighted.
  • Embeds Pens : A pen is a demo or proof that you have made ​​in Codepen, and display it on your blog could not be easier. Just find the pen in the area adjacent to the editor, drag and drop.
  • Custom CSS : The platform has a CSS editor just below the post editor. If you’re using PRO you can customize even the homepage and every one of your postings.

Besides the above, you will also have a regular blog features such as comments and feed RSS, and an avid community to learn and share as you like is to Codepen. If you have questions and want more information, you can always follow in his official account of Twitter .

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Most people like to go to movies and is very common on occasion will make you want to go to the bathroom during the movie, but obviously do not want to miss any scene in the film. But this will no longer be the case, thanks to RunPee can go to the bathroom without fear of missing an excellent scene.

RunPee  is a free application that you will send vibration alerts when you can go to the bathroom during a movie at the cinema.


But the application does not stop there, because while you go to the bathroom can read what happens in this scene to keep any details, even if you’re late for a movie read what happens in the beginning.

Another feature provided by this application is let us know if there is a scene after the credits, something very common in superhero movies. Surely some users will not conform an application that tells you when to go to the bathroom, since many movie please them and not others, so you can download it, try it and decide if you stick with it or not.

RunPee is free for iOS and Android , but Windows Phone will have to pay $ 1.

Link: RunPee