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Tips N Tricks

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The boom of Instagram in recent months has been brutal. Since last March, the implementation has grown from 200 million monthly active users to 300 million , recording the highest growth of a mobile social app in history.

Amid this explosion, try to exploit its pull to take advantage of a corporate account Instagram can be an interesting option. The following infographic shows 8 tips to get more performance profile of your company in the application.

Business expansion using Instagram

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Are we really aware of what it means to read the terms of use and control of common things we publish on social networks ? Do users Configure their privacy on Facebook?

The following infographic provides some clues to answer these questions:

Facebook Privacy

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The following infographic about as simple as necessary to keep in mind to ensure a safe experience and Facebook users are offered advice.

As always, many are simply the practical application of common sense , our best weapon when using social networks.


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It is always good to share this kind of tricks, we do not know when we might be useful in cases of extreme necessity. Then see how to load your emergency telephone with a pair of elements, which are:

Emergency Charging

  • 9V battery
  • A key (or any other metal objects driver)
  • Car Charger

I know, you may be wondering why we make such a mess if charger auto … The answer much not know but may have all those things and do not have a car where I connect it: P.

The procedure is very simple and you can see from the video below. Just connect the charger cable to the phone, make a bridge with the key and go. Be aware of looking good the poles because they can burn everything.

Seen Instructables



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What are the risks of certain information up to 2.0 platforms? Publishing too much information on social networks?

To this question, the best answer is common sense, but is also useful to look at the infographic as it has been developed by security firm Trend Micro:

Posting Informations

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Does it make sense to use a corporate account on Instagram? What strategy should we follow?

The following infographic provides 10 tips to get your business on track through Instagram in the corporate environment:

Instagram for Business

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Only six steps are necessary, according to the following graphics to create quality content and to exploit it. Users of social networks and the Internet, consumers are increasingly exposed to more messages. Highlighting can only be achieved in one way: with quality content that provides value added .

Content creation

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Are you tired of seeing your friends have passed a certain level of games like Candy Crush Saga, Cityville and Farmville?

It is one of the main complaints of users of the social network and one of the most common questions that people do is: How can we stop receiving updates on games from friends and how we can stop receiving their invitations to join the last game they are engaged with?

It’s easy, just would have to block the reception of such invitations. It’s simple but not all Facebook users know how to do.

To stop receiving updates and invitations to games and other applications of third parties, in Facebook, you just need to go to the settings menu the user account by clicking the button with a drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of your profile .

There, you select “Settings” and “Application” in the left column. Accessing this menu you can see the different games and applications which access is allowed on Facebook.By clicking on “edit” you can change the frequency with which updates. There, by selecting “never” and will suffice.

Since you are in that part of the setup menu, you can also select the way in which announcements. Instead of “applications”, select “ads” and hence be able to choose if you want to stop receiving advertising.

As we always say, it is necessary that you take a few minutes to set up the profile and privacy settings of your Facebook account.