Chrome OS will soon be attentive to “Ok Google” command

Chrome OS will soon be attentive to “Ok Google” command

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A useful feature that has characterized Android smartphones and Android Wear watches, is the possibility of initiating a voice command by saying the famous “Ok Google” . In fact Google Now was the service that takes greater advantage of the feature that can be turned on with those words.

And today we learned that this feature will leave the exclusivity in mobile devices to reach officially of Chrome OS . Francois Beaufort is who shared the news on Google+, confirming that Chrome can now enjoy the feature, although it we will need to activate it manually.

Continuous listening “Ok Google” Chrome OS will be available whenever the screen of the Chromebook is on and unlocked. Between what allow us to speak of searches, check the weather, get itineraries and more through voice commands. Hopefully in the next few weeks, Google will make ​​the official announcement of the function.


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