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Code Black Limited Edition HD Camera Drone and more | Tech Figure
Code Black Limited Edition HD Camera Drone and more

Code Black Limited Edition HD Camera Drone and more

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The drone are vehicles that are already part of our life, that’s clear. A few years ago just out of a science fiction movie are now present in our society and in addition to costs that make almost any pocket can afford. Such is the volume and depth that have, in many countries already is considering creating a law to fly them.While all this happens, we get good news from the online store of The Next Web. Why? Because we can get the limited edition Black Drone Code if booked in advance.

Code Black Drone

One of the main qualities of this drone is undoubtedly its price, to obtain the same by $ 89 will make more than one person not hesitate and put their card or PayPal account work. But in addition to price, there are several features and functionalities to consider the Code Black Drone.

code black drone

It is designed for us to use right out of the box, so it has two functions:

  • Beginner mode : for those who want to start to operate the drone right out of the box.
  • Expert Mode : for those who already have skills and want to do more complex and risky maneuvers.

The main features of the Code Black Drone are:

  1. Ready to use just out of the box.
  2. It’s a Drone reduced size that fit in one hand.
  3. It has 6 axis to stabilize the flight and have better control.
  4. It has a USB cable so you can charge via computer.
  5. Remote control that allows us to control up to 100 meters away.

And last, but as more important note, is that it has to include a camera in 2 versions: HD and SD . The difference between choosing one or the other, besides the quality of our photographs and videos, is its price: $ 69 for the model which fits the SD camera and $ 89 for equipping the camera in HD . With this HD Camera Drone and we can do a lot of homework and find locations for our photos or make drawings from the air that is impossible to do on foot.


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