Codepen Blogging, a blogging platform for developers

Codepen Blogging, a blogging platform for developers

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Codepen Blogging is a simple but powerful blogging platform geared to make writing source code. Take a look.

 blogging-heroCodepen is a wonderful tool for testing interactive specially designed to make things a little front-end developer . With its powerful code editor in the browser you can create demos with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is very easy to use and allows you to focus on testing, as it should be. With the same premise in mind, Codepen brings us a new platform forblogging aimed at you to focus on what matters most, writing.

Codepen Blogging is a platform for blogs completely focused on providing its users the script source code with a complete set of tools.

Create your blog Codepen Blogging

Write on platform is very simple, in fact requires no cumbersome settings. To select the new post you have.What is coming is arm your items, give them a title, post and hope that many readers will read and give feedback .


Codepen Blogging is not the first nor the last such tool, but its novelty is that its editor has options that really easier to write source code and this is critical in a blog of a developer who often find it necessary to give practical examples. Some of its features are:

  • Write in Markdown : if you already know this marking fantastic language, otherwise you should take a look. It is much cleaner to write directly in HTML, for example. Blogging Codepen implement variantRed Carpet , learn from your reference guide .
  • Syntax highlighting : this is a fundamental property of a code editor. In Codepen just select your source language and remain highlighted.
  • Embeds Pens : A pen is a demo or proof that you have made ​​in Codepen, and display it on your blog could not be easier. Just find the pen in the area adjacent to the editor, drag and drop.
  • Custom CSS : The platform has a CSS editor just below the post editor. If you’re using PRO you can customize even the homepage and every one of your postings.

Besides the above, you will also have a regular blog features such as comments and feed RSS, and an avid community to learn and share as you like is to Codepen. If you have questions and want more information, you can always follow in his official account of Twitter .


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