Console OS: Android on your PC

Console OS: Android on your PC

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In the past we have seen various tools to run the Google mobile operating system on a conventional computer. Provide appropriate hardware support is one of the greatest difficulties that every developer must face, but Console OS will look to overcome that with a build very specialized and optimized, bringing the best of Android desktop .

All the times I ran to Android on a computer was out of curiosity. I also used to BlueStacks on one or two occasions, but it was frustrating to spend so much time trying to convince a properly functioning application. Finally I decided to leave Android on platforms for which it is designed. However, the idea of seeing Android on a PC never disappeared entirely. As always, the hardest part is finding the necessary hardware support. Graphics cards, motherboards wireless network, input devices … the list is long and Android has reservations. With the advent of KitKat , things improved a lot, but we must not lose sight of the fact that the priority of Android are mobile devices.

With that in mind, the project Console OS will seek to challenge the current state of Android, developing a build fully optimized for use on x86 computers, no matter whether they are desktops, laptops or hybrids. One of the most important aspects of Console OS is that it will dual-boot Windows 8.x support, which involves avoiding all tantrums might do Secure Boot. You will also have support for running more than one application at a time, 3 and OpenGL ES 3.1 and access to the store of Google Play, although the situation is similar to that of Cyanogenmod, and probably need to install the application manually. Another striking aspect of Console OS is “InstaSwitch” , a proprietary feature that allows the user to pass Windows native to native Android on a single session without having to reboot.

Console OS will be composed of two versions. The first will be completely free and have all the basic functions to be used successfully to Android on the desktop. Then there is the Pro edition, incorporating the aforementioned InstaSwitch, WindowFlinger (Android applications under Windows) , DVR support, additional codecs and remote access via console, among other things. The Pro version Console OS is on presale through Kickstarter , with a cost of only ten U.S. dollars and everyone who buys the OS now gain access to free updates forever (otherwise Console OS Pro costs $ 20 annually ) . If all goes well, the first stable version of Console OS will be released in December.


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