Download Badland for PC

Download Badland for PC

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Badland is all new addition in the gaming world, all owing to its extreme simple gameplay along with superb graphics. Basically it is a sidescroller game that is totally based on the physics of gravity. All you need to do here is to make a path for your rotund birds to reach the final checkpoint. The might seem a bit monotonous at first, because of its dull colouring schema and monotonous sounds; however soon you will be  proved wrong, all owing to its awesome gaming concept; this is something you can only experience. The game might sometimes look like an endless runner, but no there are ends in the game and it has been smartly distributed in levels which further concludes the checkpoints.


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Badland corresponds to a dead place, which is its literal meaning. Here the game has been developed with the same view. Talking about the storyline, it is quite simple. It has been set off in some mysterious forest, which at first looked absolutely perfect, full of life containing all the flora that a forest should possess. Although, soon something happens and a bright light appears across the skies that abruptly turns everything dead. On further introspecting you find that the reason behind this is some unknown machinery which when lights up turns all the things dead and the living creatures to rotund birds. These birds are more like some deformed species having fins more like that of a fish, who cannot fly but can make short jumps or spins off the ground. You character has now became one of these and you need to make an escape from this dead forest.

Gameplay And Levels:

Gameplay is quite simple as you need to quickly get to the end point of the level, without dying. There are several levels based on difficulty levels. First few levels are quite simple and will ease your way so as to develop a bit interest in the game. The difficult level will gradually increase when more and more obstacles are put in your way along with the introduction of some new obstacles with every new set of levels.

Each level has a definite way to end, although there might be one more way to end. The main de facto about these levels is that, if you die somewhere in between a level than the game will start from the last checkpoint. However there is another de facto that you will not be aware of where the hell these intermediate checkpoints are placed.


Talking about the powers, there are many; such as one will increase your size so that you can destruct the obstacles, although some other will work exactly opposite and bring you back to initial level. What is worth noticing here is that each power have a relation to what you will face in the successive segment of the game, so do not ignore any powers as without them you might not be able to complete the level.

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How To Play On PC?

Follow these steps to get it on your PC:

  1. Download Bluestack and install using offline installer.
  2. Open it and search ‘Badland’
  3. Look for official link and open it.
  4. Now, Playstore will open from where you can simply download the game on your PC.



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