Download BlueStacks for PC

Download BlueStacks for PC

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Bluestacks is a pretty famous Emulator and leads among all Android Emulator available in the market. It does deserve to be on the top, all owing to the features it keeps within. Slow down champs we have everything about Bluestacks from the beginning of its download till the accessing of your Android Application into it and so on your Computer System too. Bluestacks keeps maximum rating from its user’s side comparatively to its competitors. One of its main reasons of its popularity is its cost, which is zero. Yes, it is free to download and is not bulky at all. It proactively became popular in the market as it was introduced in the market, early in 2012.


Bluestack keeps user friendly navigation within itself. It has fast booting speed on your computer system while starting up. Bluestacks also supports both full screen and mini screen navigation. Apart from this, it can also turn itself into Tab view as well as portrait screen view according to your downloaded Android application default view. Bluestacks offer a built in web Browser as well to make your site surfing smooth. Apart for this, it supports social platforms such as Facebook, twitter and so on. You can also get an access into the mother of your Android Application that is Google Play Store. For this, you just have to sign in to your Google account and you are in. Download your favourite apps directly from Bluestacks and play them on the same. Bluestack pushes you into a big screen entertainment where you can feel your mobile based applications on your Computer console with better graphics.

Get Started with Bluestack:

Using Bluestack is quite simple as it has a pretty much well distributed and clean interface. Moreover, in you are operating on a computer with touch screen the emulator will support you to the best as its interface is made keeping in view touch screen users. Bluestack mainly consist of two modules which are, App Player Module and Cloud Sync Module. Both of these are integral part of the whole package and you cannot disable any one of them. Cloud Sync can be considered as an additional free features that automatically stores all your files on the cloud servers, and you can restore them any time. App Player is the main operating part of the emulation that actually does the emulation, none of your apps can run without this module installed.


To install any app on Bluestack, just open the emulator and look for the app you want to install. Once found, just click on the app link, Bluestack directly pushes you into play store to confirm your choice as it supports Google Play Store, where user themselves can make a direct installation of Android application. Apart, sometimes installation slows down due to unwanted slow internet connection and you guys have no time to wait. Well in such scenarios you can use the Apk files of the specific application to install the same on your PC.



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