Download Xender, Sharing, File Transfer For PC

Download Xender, Sharing, File Transfer For PC

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Xender, Sharing, File Transfer is a widely popular name in sharing file from phone to phone, this could be downloaded from app store and users can share all kind of media files, contacts and ringtones with it; the app has now become available in PC too., though with the help of third party emulation software. This app is perfect for people who love to keep sending and sharing files and media, including music, videos, contacts, etc. The application does not require support of data services, internet, Wi-Fi and the file transfer is done in a way that does not hinder performance of any other applications which are running on the device. All kind of file formats are supported by Xender which makes it the ideal choice for file transfers.

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Xender is also available in PC for different operating systems and all the versions in separate platforms are compatible with each other. The tool exhibits great speed which is around 4 MB per second. In this speed even high quality movies could get transferred in a matter of minutes. The interface is fairly simple and you can download this for PC.

Downloading Xender for PC

Step 1:

To run the app you first need a proper android emulator to be pre-installed on your PC. BlueStacks works well, so go ahead and download BlueStacks.

Step 2:

When you click on the link you will be taken to a page where you will get every information about BlueStacks, download the installer by selecting the OS of your PC and the download will follow automatically.

Step 3:

Run the installer and let the installation take place, when it is installed in your PC, load the app on your desktop.

Step 4:

Go to the home page of the app, there will be a number of search options available. Enter the name of the app you are downloading, which is Xender and then hit find.

Step 5:

Click on the Install button when you find Xender in the list beside it. Give the download path and make sure you select Google Play Store when you are given the three choices.

Step 6:

After this you will be taken to Google Play Store page, click on install, accept the terms and conditions, download will happen automatically after this. Soon the app will get installed and you will see the success message on the screen of the Emulator.

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Now the download process is completed in your PC and you will be requested to launch the emulator. In the emulator you will see a list of installed apps, from where, you can click on the Xender icon to launch the app. Once the app is launched, you can now easily start using it in your PC. Xender is great for sharing all kind of files because Xender is compatible with all kind of files. The multi-platform accessibility is another great plus point. Now share all the music and videos to and from your PC, not just limiting yourself to phone.



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