Dropshare: An App for Mac to Share Files Easily Through Your Own...

Dropshare: An App for Mac to Share Files Easily Through Your Own Server

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There are a lot of applications that can quickly share your screenshots and other files over the Internet, as Cloudup or Droplr , of which I have spoken in the past. However, it is likely that, for whatever reason, do not call much attention having to share your files with a company .


Dropshare is a service (available for OS X, Apple’s operating system) that aims to provide a tool with which users can share files without worrying about the fact upload them to the servers of a given company. Therefore, once we have started the tool, we have a choice as storage cloud our own server , plus Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Files. As a result, it is possible to upload any type of file to our server and share it easily thanks to the additional features of the application. We could highlight the role upload screenshots automatically and the ability to customize the URL to send to our contacts to share content. In addition, it also allows recording and sharing the information displayed on the screen the same way.

Dropshare is available on the Mac App Store at a price of 7.99 euros , although you can download a trial version of three days from the official website.

Link: Dropshare | App Store .


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