Duet Display, an iOS app with which to turn your iPad into...

Duet Display, an iOS app with which to turn your iPad into a secondary display

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If you’re using iPad, chances are at some point you’ve raised the possibility of using your device as a secondary display for your Mac. If so, today we speak of an iOS app that can be quite useful as it allows exactly that.

We’re talking about Duet Display, an app developed by a group of former Apple engineers that promises to turn your iPad into a second monitor for your Mac running without any lag in the image , for which the information is transferred through cable rather than via WiFi. The operation of Duet Display is very simple, as only we have to download it on our iPad and our Mac and connect devices with Lighting cable or 30-pin connector (depending on model). The image quality offered by the application is really good (60 frames per second), so the user experience is more than satisfactory . In addition, as a curiosity we could emphasize that the touch features of our device remain available while using it as a secondary display, so that we can interact with the computer through the iPad screen. And it is not only compatible with the latter, since being a universal application can also install it on the iPhone.

Display Duet is priced at € 8.99 and is compatible with all models of iPhone and iPad from iOS 5.1.1 onwards. As for the Mac version, you can download for free from the project website and is compatible with the version from OS X Mavericks forward. For the moment, no version of the Windows application, so you can only use it if besides an iPad you also have a Mac .


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