Eternity Warriors for PC

Eternity Warriors for PC

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For all the fans of gothic war games such as Dungeon Hunter or any game of the similar genre, Eternity Warriors is the go-to game! The game is a little simpler if compared to dungeon hunter in aspects such as character building and gear selecting. The genre of Eternity Warriors is action/RPG. It allows players to communicate over chat boxes, have a battle with the bosses and take part in tournaments and various other things that go in making one of the best games. Not to forget the game has top notch graphics as well that liven it up.


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The game offers high speed action. The Eternity Sword is unlocked in the game and the kingdom of Uder is cursed by the Lord of Hell. Demons spread across other kingdoms have cast their spells on Uder too! The area of North Uder requires someone to save it. Gaming enthusiasts who are up for the challenges can take it to save the kingdom. There are three avatars for the users-

  1. Agile monk.
  2. Devastating mage.
  3. Rugged warrior.

The game is actually quite simple since you only need to defeat the Lord of Hell. In the quest to defeat him, you can team up with the other players and communicate them to build strategies to defeat the Lord of Hell!


Gamers can make use of the details on the screen to help them in their battle.

  • The health and mana bars give out information about the health and mana points of the players
  • Each player can have 4 active skills. Once the skills are used, they need some cool down time before being re-used. The cool down time can be taken care of by making regular updates. Making use of the mana points skill, can be rotated in order to be used properly.
  • Different attacks can be launched on the enemy. Using some combinations, combo attacks can also be performed and so can the quick attacks be executed.


Eternity Warriors being a high octane action game delivers graphics and sound effects of the highest order, thus keeping you engaged and livened up. The game offers absolutely stunning graphics, realistically animated characters, high speed combat and thousands of other things that make it a popular game and a rage amongst the gamers! A definite feature on every gamer’s list.

Downloading And Using Eternity Warriors on PC:

There are various ways that enable users to use Eternity Warriors over the desktop. To use Eternity Warriors on the desktop please follow the below listed steps-

  • First and foremost download Bluestack. Here is the link.
  • This is an emulator and it will provide users the ability to run android applications on your PC easily.
  • Gamers can either download the game from Google Play Store or make use of Bluestack search bar and Search for “Eternity warriors” which will download game directly.
  • Follow the instruction given in the screen and install the game.
  • After successful installation of the game, you can scroll to the “All App” options. Search for the Eternity warriors and click to play and make merry!



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