Facebook could help users to sell products from groups

Facebook could help users to sell products from groups

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It seems that Facebook is testing a new feature to its famous groups. We have discovered a new button called “Sell Something” , which would help us promote an item we want to sell from a group.

Pressing this button again several fields to fill before publishing the post, such as product name, listed the price (by checking whether negotiable or not), a description, pictures or photos and instructions for delivery or collection. So far it is not clear what the purpose of these publications, but point to be just a channel through which people sell a product you think will help.

Of course the most important thing about this feature is that they will fall like a glove to groups buy / sell , allowing product display ads more organized and more accurate information. Should be clear that Facebook is not responsible for the sale , but would only be the means by which we promote our products.

Unfortunately functionality only being tested in some specific groups and for now not known when it will be available to all users. Hopefully in the coming weeks and an official announcement will be made.


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