Floppy Cloud, the new emulator NES and Super Nintendo for iOS

Floppy Cloud, the new emulator NES and Super Nintendo for iOS

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Nostalgia made ​​application. At this time, iTunes and the App Store are closed for holidays making it virtually impossible for the reviewers of the company can roll back applications that bypass some of the filters as we have seen in past Christmases. This year, it seemed a simple file management application has proved a NES emulator for iOS also allow us to run Super Nintendo video games.

Apple have made ​​such a strain. Year after year at this time the developers try to pass their applications before the close of iTunes apps store and company. In this case has been Floppy Cloud which has been all eyes with an application that hides much more than it is. Firstly because only unite with logging into Dropbox we can execute different ROMs NES and SMC (Super Nintendo), two of the most mythical of the big Japanese company consoles.Obviously the emulator is hidden because having risen as such to the App Store reviewers have not accepted an emulator that contravene the rules of the store itself plus some rights by copyright Nintendo.

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Undoubtedly, very smart of its developers movement and a whole Christmas gift to us all. We strongly link to download the application before recommend the company to work is put and delete this NES emulator for iOS as happened with Unblock and Gridlee in previous years.

Floppy Cloud is available only in English even has a fully functional version for iPad. Remember that once you download it, please make a backup of the application in any other way than iTunes because once gone, can not return to download because it will disappear from Apple’s servers.

Download : Floppy Cloud $ 1.99 | € 1.79


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