Google is preparing a version of Android for cars

Google is preparing a version of Android for cars

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Google has spent years turning to how to deal with cars from different sides. One of them happens to extend the scope of Android , its operating system for mobile devices , cars. So far, the company has software attempting including Android Auto in the latest version of its operating. This solution requires an Android smartphone that is connected to the car audio equipment car. This computer must have a screen and must also be compatible with Android Auto . If all that is true, the user can access the maps from Google, play music streaming and use various applications when you are inside your car. That’s fine, but the Internet giant’s ambitions go even further.

Google is working on a version of Android is installed as standard in cars, so that users can benefit from all functions without connecting any smartphone , reports Reuters. Thus, the car’s occupants can enjoy various sources of information and entertainment fluidly. The company has never revealed the long-term plans to conquer the hearts of the car . However, it seems that the inclusion of Android Auto directly in cars is getting closer.Actually, the plans of the company are launching this new special automotive version while its new operating system, now known as Android M .

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The release of Android M is expected within a year or so. This move by Google is interpreted as a large balance forward by analysts. Getting Auto Android comes built into the vehicles factory would be a huge step forward for a leading position in the market. If the company manages to convince enough automakers and car audio equipment, Android could end up becoming a standard navigation and entertainment on board the car . Thus, Google fortify their status against Apple in this market with high growth potential. And there would be another very important advantage. The company would have access to other valuable prey: the data collected by the vehicle , for example, sensors, camera, storage, tours, browser GPS and Internet connections.

This integration within the system of the car , would enable the myriad of services Google whenever the driver start the car. At the end of the day, millions of people around the world spend about an hour at the wheel every day. That would include advertising , because advertisers are hungry for new ways to reach potential buyers. For example, analysts suggest that access to the location of GPS and travel history and stops throughout the day, would be a source of information highly exploitable from an advertising point of view.


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