Google shut down its social network Orkut

Google shut down its social network Orkut

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It is no secret that Google has launched many services that have not been as successful as they hoped, so they have to close it. In some cases services people if used and for some strange reason decided to close them.

Recently Google announced it will close its social network Orkut on September 30 , which was his first attempt to launch a social network. Once this disappears social network users can not access it or import your photos to Google+ and have it start to remove the applications from Google Play and App Store.


Right now you can not sign up to this social network, the records were completely closed and users will have the opportunity to migrate your data using Google Takeout, so if you have an account on that service is the time to go in progress migration.

Orkut became a very important social network in Brazil , a country where he had a large number of active users, but in the rest of the world did not have the same impact. So a service over Google has happen to a better life.


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