Google + to automatically improve the videos

Google + to automatically improve the videos

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Software Engineer of Google +, Tim St. Clair has announced the inclusion of a tool that will help us improve the videos automatically to go up to the social network. So, as happened with the photographs , is to increase the quality of various home videos that typically have a large number of vibrations and colors.

Therefore, with just one click you can correct things like lighting, color or stability of the videos. To do this, all you need to do is upload video to social networking and Google will analyze how it can improve some of their characteristics. Finally, we are offered a preview of what would be the results and we wondered if we really apply.

Although it is specially designed to be used with videos hosted on Google +, can also apply to those who have stored on computer or smartphone and we do not want to hang anywhere. By social network app you can select the video to automatically apply the enhancements and save to your device.

This is an option that was taken after the boom that currently exists to upload videos to social networks.In fact, Instagram also joined the trend and offered users the ability to incorporate videos, also allowing improvements stabilization tools like Hyperlapse . The automatic adjustment of Google aims to improve the advances offered by Instagram, not then offers only improvements in stabilization, but also other aspects that cause result in a poor image.Although increasingly better cameras on smartphones exist, it is also true that a large number of devices (often low-end) where the results are somewhat deficient persist and perhaps with some editing process can be improved.


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