iLuv Selfy: a housing to make the best selfies

iLuv Selfy: a housing to make the best selfies

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In recent days I have seen as “studies” harmful to health and even dangerous selfies. Funny thing is, from my point of view, everyone at some point in life we ​​feel the need to take a picture and do not see anything wrong, but there are always those who want to demonize all.

iLuv Selfy  is an ideal place to have the best selfies housing . Said housing in the rear with a remote control that does not require an extra application to operate, simply connect to the phone via Bluetooth, is also compatible for iOS and Android .

Wireless Camera Shutter

In this case the user free to decide how to take the picture, that is, with the front or rear camera, besides being able to take video if you prefer. In the following video we can see the operation of the camera:

Beyond that is created to take selfies, we can see that it is very useful for recording video and it is best that we do not have to bother anyone. Finally the case is compatible with the iPhone 5 or 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5, Air and iPad Mini iPad from the $ 49.99.

Link: iLuv Selfy


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