Instagram is now worth a staggering 35 billion dollars

Instagram is now worth a staggering 35 billion dollars

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This morning Citigroup has raised the valuation of Instagram to a very significant figure. Yes, it went from 19 billion dollars to a whopping 35 billion dollars , a fully staggering.

Recently announced, Instagram was reaching 300 million active users (figure surpassed Twitter users), with which we made ​​it clear the enormous growth the company has had since its most important movement in 2012: spending Facebook’s lap for a modest amount of one billion dollars and of course we can not ignore the launch of the official version for Android , which gave it a few million new users in just 24 hours.

The social network of photographs confirmed a few days ago two additional movements to end the year before, one was updating its application with the addition of new filters (after many years) and another was the elimination of spam accounts, the latter has resulted in many popular accounts have subsided number of followers significantly.

Still, above all, it is important to know that the fruits of the investment made ​​in the company Facebook eventually come to light, of course if you dare to take the higher revenues from social network monetization. For now which is being valued at slightly less than twice a few weeks ago speaks much of its growth.


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