Line MixRadio purchase, the online music service for Microsoft

Line MixRadio purchase, the online music service for Microsoft

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Microsoft has sold Line service online, MixRadio music . The truth is that this news is not surprising at all, since in July by e-mail in which filtered it was confirmed that the Redmond company was thinking of selling the platform . The details of the agreement were not disclosed , as means informs The Verge .

At present, the service has a  free version and a “premium” of payment, which allows users to create a radio station based on genres or artists similar to what you’re listening to. The system studies the tastes of users and recommends songs similar to those that are listening. Of course, a much more personalized and predictive than some competitors system.

Meanwhile, Line is a very popular messaging application that has experienced rapid growth since it was launched , especially in Asian countries. In addition, the corporation intends to launch next its own online music service called year Line Music , which already has the support of record labels from the likes of Sony Music Entertainment and Avex Digital . Today, the company has 170 million customers in 230 countries worldwide , according to official data provided by the company.

Nokia MixRadio

I am confident that MixRadio offer our users a unique online service to listen songs , because music is an important element in lives of people, “said Shin Jung-ho , director of global operations Line. For his part, President of MixRadio , Jyrki Rosenberg, noted that the acquisition “will enable the growth of both companies” .

Anyway, the team of Microsoft continue developing its streaming music app for Lumia phones . However, probably in the near future, will be also available for Android , the mobile operating system from Google and tablets, and iOS , Apple. This could open the door to the platform to more customers to provide higher returns to service.

Anyway not seem so strange that Microsoft wants to get rid of this system . And it would have enough sense internally, because  somehow compete with Xbox Music , multiplatform system developed by the Redmond. With it, users can  listen to their favorite artists in your computer, tablet, smartphone or on your Xbox .

The system allows to  download music and synchronize it with all your terminals also play content offline. Microsoft introduced  Xbox Music in  October 2012 for  all users who have the Xbox 360 . At first, the online music service intended to combine the best options payment models with free . However, it seems that their strategy has not turned out as expected and, a few days ago, the multinational decided to go just for the monthly subscription .


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