LogMeOnce: USB, charger and tool safety

LogMeOnce: USB, charger and tool safety

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If something is Kickstarter is that we constantly see a lot of interesting projects, unfortunately some fail but others consummated. I’ll talk about one that caught my attention and which would be interesting to take place.

It is  LogMeOnce , a device that has a USB pint, but it’s much more than that. Input your primary function is to store all the passwords we use and that we are difficult to remember, especially if they access a service frequently.


Operation of this device is as follows, when connecting LogMeOnce our team, we validate server access passwords located in the cloud, which can be accessed only with the master password once you have logged in you can edit or add new passwords.

LogMeOnce will also serve as USB, since it is available in 16 and 32 GB. As if that were not enough there is a version that has a 1,000 mAh internal battery port and lightning, with which you can charge your iPhone, but not completely. Finally LogMeOnce cost $ 29 the most basic model and $ 135 a fuller.


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