Madonna’s latest album leaked before its release

Madonna’s latest album leaked before its release

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It is not the first time the music of Madonna began circulating on the Internet before it presented. In late November this year leaked two songs , one entitled ” Rebel Heart “ and the other “Wash All Over Me”. By then her agent , Guy Oseary, tweeted the following: appreciate any fan of Madonna help us find the person responsible for the leak. Now, what just filter is a complete album. The album did not even have a final name; was known as “Iconic “or” Unapolegetic Bitch “. The artist has spent most of this past year working in her studio in the new music . She has not yet announced any release date, nor has unveiled the official title. However, an album with thirteen cuts available yesterday in file exchange networks ( P2P ).

The leaked songs are produced by Aviici, Diplo, Natalia Kills and Ryan Tedder . It was not expected that any new album by the singer was available in stores until well into 2015. Madonna replied to seepage through their account on Instagram. There commented: “Thank you for not listening. Thank you for your loyalty. Please wait “. Also tells her followers that “if you have heard, please know that they are unfinished demos stolen long ago and were not ready to be presented to the world ”

Later, in another post, the reaction of the queen of pop has been a bit more raw, and has described the leak of “artistic rape” and compared it with a form of terrorism. Madonna repeats that are demos on stage Initial and that half of them will not even appear on the final drive, and the other half have already changed. The artist also notes that the leaks are a theft of intellectual property and concludes with several questions: Why do people want to end the artistic process? Why steal? Why do not you give me a chance to finish and give the best of me?

Previously, the producer Diplo confirmed the title of one song ” Bitch, I’m Madonna “and further explained details about his collaboration with Madonna . He met through their children, and then she invited him to a party.They ended up writing seven songs together. Diplo confessed not often feel pressure to write songs, but when it comes to an artist of this caliber, obviously you wanted to give everything.

In early July, Madonna spoke about a new cut called “Messiah” in her account on Instagram. And the British newspaper The Sun mentioned two songs produced by Swedish DJ Avicii: “Two Steps Behind” and “Heartbreak City”.

This is the list of the thirteen songs on the disc filter:

1. Unapologetic Bitch

2. Bitch I’m Madonna

3. Addicted (The One That Got Away)

4. Borrowed Time

5. Heartbreak City

6. Illuminati

7. Joan Of Arc

8. Living 4 Love (Carry On)

9. Make The Devil Pray

10. Messiah

11. Rebel Heart

12. Revolution

13. Wash All Over Me


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