Malwarebytes: best free anti malware for Windows

Malwarebytes: best free anti malware for Windows

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For many years I stopped using Windows and I had forgotten all what antivirus, anti-malware, firewalls and all that stuff; but I am aware that these things still exist and can cause much damage to teams that are not well protected.


If you are looking for a good free anti-malware for Windows you want to recommend Malwarebytes, the best product existing in the market today.

This I’m not saying, but communicate the result of an analysis made ​​by the famous site of security AV-TEST, which published a very interesting report where we can see what anti-malware currently obtains better results.

Malwarebytes has earned the best score over its competitors by detecting and removing all threats used in the test, and best of all, it has a completely free version which is excellent.



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