Narrative Clip 2: your everyday Shot

Narrative Clip 2: your everyday Shot

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It is increasingly common and readily available devices with which constantly or when we choose to share, things that happen around us in our daily lives. The smartphone has facilitated as we can share pictures or videos from wherever we want at the right time, but sometimes, because they are devices used for multiple tasks, can not finish to capture that precise or not available battery time devoted to these functions to collect it. With this task arises Narrative, a small camera that helps us to collect everything that happens to us all the time and has been improved in its second version: Narrative Clip 2.

Narrative Clip 2: the world’s most wearable camera

Narrative Clip 2

And that is how its creators understand this little camera, as the smallest camera and laptop world. The idea behind Narrative Clip 2 is simple, pick your day and you can pick all you do on through different images. These images are stored directly in the cloud, where you can consult and organize.

In addition, they have made a number of improvements to this second model, including a number of features that make it even more interesting:

  • Access : have equipped the new camera with WiFi and Bluetooth , this allows us improved synchronization Narrative Clip 2 different devices at the same time and the bluetooth option allows us to have easier access to camera controls .
  • Storage : Narrative Clip 2 also improvement in this aspect, from the first version 4GB to 8GB having now. This capability will allow us to collect many more images in our day to day without having to dump them on another device.
  • Multiple assemblies : This second model also includes the option to remove and put the clamp on the camera. Thus we can use it on more surfaces or accessories.
  • Camera : The camera has also been improved. He has spent the 5mp the first model to 8mp current. At the same time it has also been improved viewing angle, from 68 degrees to 86 degrees.

Besides all these features, the camera is compatible with devices iOS ,Android and Desktop .

If you enjoyed Narrative Clip 2 and would like to use to collect your everyday you can join their official release and wait for the price of $ 199 .


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