Phantom : The small revolutionary speaker

Phantom : The small revolutionary speaker

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If we want the best sound, it is best to always choose manufacturers that got a strong team, right? At least that’s the theory,but the team Devialet in France aims to break the law with its new creation, The Phantom.

Phantom, Little Man

At first glance, The Phantom not too striking, much less by its over 1,500 euros. It is a relatively small device (30 inches long), which meets the amplifier and speakers in a single case; sure it’s the last thing I wish from any good audiophile.

However, in this format Devialet has achieved outstanding sound, with deeper bass than any alternative at the same price.

The ADH technology behind this sound, a microprocessor which ensures the highest possible accuracy in their mechanisms, making the sound source through digital to analog movement magnified and clearer speaker. In addition, the slim housing is not style, but serves the function of creating amplify low pressure side.

The Phantom will come in two versions, one of 750 W 1690 € and over 3000 W for € 1,990.


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