Samsung talk about Internet of things in his opening speech at CES

Samsung talk about Internet of things in his opening speech at CES

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Samsung this year will be in charge of giving the kick off CES consumer electronics, which will be held in early January in Las Vegas. In his opening BK Yoon (CEO) is scheduled to address an issue that is beginning to gain much prominence, the so-called Internet of things . The ability to have a world in which different gadgets communicate with each other to work. Not only phones, tablets or computers, but also refrigerators, toasters, washing machines and all kinds of elements of our daily life. A field in which Samsung aims to become the benchmark.

And arguments not lacking. The South Korean company sells all kinds of devices, from smartphones and tablets to TVs or stereos, to refrigerators, washers or toasters. The Internet of Things talking about an environment in which various utensils of daily life are interconnected and work smart. And this without us having (necessarily) take any manual action. This independence is not only directed to your home computers. Their applications are numerous and sometimes a vital utility. For example, an interconnected system could allow the automatic recount Medicare hospital and its replacement when necessary. Or manage the stock of a store without major headaches.

Practical applications of this universe that opens are endless. Among them, we have the platforms for smart homes. Such proposals are becoming more common and include the use of multiple sensors and devices to control elements such as temperature and humidity, surveillance or even heating from anywhere. All this with a centralized on a mobile device or computer control. Definitely a field in which Samsung wants to have a prominent position.


The Asian company has had a somewhat turbulent year for the drop in sales of its smartphones, especially its terminal star Samsung Galaxy S5 . But the company is aware of the demands of the market and is developing several alternative proposals to make 2015 a great year. On the one hand we have the advances in internet of things (especially through the smart home). Also is preparing a change in the overall design of their smartphones are expected to crystallize with the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Among the novelties would enjoy a body made ​​of aluminum or curved screen.

And is that the curves are another point where else is working Samsung . The firm has popularized the concept of curved TVs and even has already shown us a model that is able to fold the screen to our liking . One idea could also come sooner than later screens of smartphones. What will bring Samsung in 2015? We see a first sample of what’s coming in the next CES in Las Vegas, to be held from 6 to 9 January.

The inaugural address of BK Yoon be held on January 5 Reyes Eve at half past six p.m. (time in Vegas). Here in Spain will be half past three in the morning (if my calculations do not let me fool). To watch live streaming speech you can do it from this link:




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