is renewed to encourage talks between anonymous users is renewed to encourage talks between anonymous users

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We all know about and those who aren’t familiar with this,it is a mobile social network created by two former employees of Google and aims to allow users to communicate openly with other anonymous users. We met with the initial concept earlier this year when it was released, has now changed with the new update that has been conducted in the Android and iOS platforms. Now it is intended to promote discussion among the users themselves, rather than casual leave messages, thus encouraging publish more frequently.

Users now have the ability to choose to share publications with friends or locally, unlike the previous concept, which automatically would go in both groups,as noted by TNW. And now also possible to set individual anonymous conversations with other users, be they friends, coworkers or even close geographically users. These conversations will receive individual names to be distinguishable against other conversations that may be active.

As we say, the new update now available for Android and iOS platforms through their respective app stores, an update that seeks to promote user participation and become more known option, considering shortly after launch, has fallen into oblivion.


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