So a real airplane is landed with an iPad

So a real airplane is landed with an iPad

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We use our tablets to watch movies or web pages, to play, check social networks, organize our photos … They are very versatile devices, but we would never have imagined that with our iPad we could land a plane.Did you ever think so?

Aviation experts certify that Xavion, one app for iPad , means a before and after in the world of aviation. Not that Xavion do anything new, but what it offers tools required in a commercial airliner could cost a million dollars and in a private plane, around $ 30,000 .Xavion get it for the price of an iPad and a subscription of $ 200 per year.

Austin Meyer,creator of Xavion defines it as ” a virtual copilot “. He and his team has extensive experience in developing flight simulators for experimental models. They are also the creators of flight simulator for PC, X-Plane.

Xavion cloned much of the plane’s instruments on the iPad screen to use as display support where you need accurate information.

Using GPS, maps and information available on the Internet, such as climate, Xavion generates a virtual environment all around you . Using gyroscopes and accelerometers of the iPad, so as wind data, climate, and GPS is capable of generating a virtual path to safer airport, if the engines are stopped. It even shows a virtual path through hoops. The pilot just have to plan within them to land safely. The path is adapted to the cornering power, weight and maneuverability of the aircraft, in real time.

Xavion is also able to connect via WiFi to the automatic pilot of the plane and take control to ground the appliance . Literally, the iPad is already able to land a real plane.

In the case of losing pressure the app displays a warning and if no reaction assumes that the pilot unconscious and stabilizes the device so that passengers recover consciousness.

Xavion is available on the App Store for free, but you must pay about € 18 for access to information of the airports and there is a monthly fee of 19 € for certain advanced services.


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