Sony Pictures still plans to release The Interview

Sony Pictures still plans to release The Interview

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The case of cyber attacks and severe threats received by Sony Pictures in recent weeks has attracted so much attention that even the White House and President Barack Obama have spoken about it.

For Obama, Sony Pictures erred in canceling the premiere billboards The Interview , the film seems to have caused controversy these attacks against the company by North Korea at a comedy show how a journalist and producer, were to interview North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un , end murdering request of the CIA.

Well after the declarations of US President seems that Michael Lynton , CEO of Sony Pictures has taken more confident about the subject and has stated publicly that:

“Undoubtedly we were surprised and alarmed to receive these threats became a potential hazard to the public that he would attend the premiere of The Interview, we had no alternative but to cancel the premiere. However, we have not given up, we all intents and wishes the public to see this movie . “

The big question is: how? Before Sony Pictures canceled the premiere of The Interview and the five largest cinema chains in the United States had recanted and were not going to project. Did they will risk a second chance? I really do not see possible.

You may Lynton ensure that, The Interview someday see the light of day, but I see very difficult to reach billboards. Most likely is that the film be released in digital format and BluRay / DVD, although this also violates the “conditions” that have imposed the attackers, the hacker group GOP , who demanded that the film disappear completely and never be released in any form, and even the trailers are removed from internet.


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