Spell Up With Google play to learn English

Spell Up With Google play to learn English

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If the pronunciation of English words is still a problem for you, let me say that Google has set provide a solution and has launched an interesting experiment, consisting of a game in which you win or progresses to the extent that one spell correctly series of words that will be presented in this language, learning which is so necessary today.

Spell Up

Between you correctly pronounce most words through the microphone, the higher will be the tower that is formed every time you advance in the game.Good performance on this will take you to higher levels of complexity in which the activities require the location of letters in some words in their proper place, which clearly determine that you have advanced and their English has improved.

The invitation is then to use Spell Up , an interesting tool which strengthens an area where many have large gaps and is responsible for displaying the possibilities offered by modern browsers, especially Google Chrome.

Below is a video that will allow them to know how Spell Up works and general nature of this recent invention of Google, and can be considered by language teachers to do much more fun classes from now on.

The game is accessed for free via the following link Spellup.withgoogle.com , and thanks to the power of new
technologies and 
customizable web design can be used both computers and mobile devices.



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