Stop receiving invitations of games on Facebook

Stop receiving invitations of games on Facebook

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Are you tired of seeing your friends have passed a certain level of games like Candy Crush Saga, Cityville and Farmville?

It is one of the main complaints of users of the social network and one of the most common questions that people do is: How can we stop receiving updates on games from friends and how we can stop receiving their invitations to join the last game they are engaged with?

It’s easy, just would have to block the reception of such invitations. It’s simple but not all Facebook users know how to do.

To stop receiving updates and invitations to games and other applications of third parties, in Facebook, you just need to go to the settings menu the user account by clicking the button with a drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of your profile .

There, you select “Settings” and “Application” in the left column. Accessing this menu you can see the different games and applications which access is allowed on Facebook.By clicking on “edit” you can change the frequency with which updates. There, by selecting “never” and will suffice.

Since you are in that part of the setup menu, you can also select the way in which announcements. Instead of “applications”, select “ads” and hence be able to choose if you want to stop receiving advertising.

As we always say, it is necessary that you take a few minutes to set up the profile and privacy settings of your Facebook account.


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