Stream TV is nearly ready to launch its 3D TV without glasses

Stream TV is nearly ready to launch its 3D TV without glasses

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Stream TV is expected to announce at CES to globally launch of a range of products that allow us to view 3D content without glasses. A technology that could already released last year by the hand of the same company during the CES 2014 .

By using 4K UHD panels, Stream TV manages to generate the three-dimensional effect without eyeglass. A competitive advantage because it is not only natural but also more fatigue least those who are not accustomed to using.

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Anyway I will not be who dictates what should or should not do but for much 3D glasses that offer us the problem remains the same. 3D content has failed to sell us a really different experience, sometimes were very forced sequences to show a spectacular image but lack of sense.

In addition, to amortize the development is assumed that the initial price will not be cheap or at least not as much as some of the models 4K UHD we can already acquire or be launched at CES.

I want to see and would like to try well? Yes, I am very curious about every new technology that appears but 3D will remain null and extra weight in my buying decision.


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