Telegram for PC

Telegram for PC

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Telegram is a new messenger application introduced in the market. On going through its features and rising popularity, it probably can affect a bit part of WhatAapp user base. Of course whatsApp is totally a different aspect to compare when talking about its popularity which is being increased rapidly day to day. Well, apart from being a simple application, Telegram has some additional features too for Smartphone users.

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Telegram messenger can be proved as the best messenger in the market, all because no issues have been experienced while handling and sharing files and media among friends. In fact, it can be used for document sharing of any type and aspects of a common messenger likewise.

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You can simply perform your basic operation on it, which have all those features what any normal messenger have, such as texting, media transfer, etc., with some unique features of its own. Now the question arises; what it differently allows you to perform, which is rarely found in other messengers? Well, to answer that, it helps you in storing important data onto cloud storage which seems quite same like American US browser. And the story has not been ended yet, you can also share any type of file through it as well. It only requires a sign up on its network and you are ready to begin. The point to be noted here is that file of not more than 1 GB size could be shared at a time.

How to Get Telegram for PC?

Telegram can be downloaded in all leading operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Although it is not yet offered for PC operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac, but don’t worry! You can have it on your PC using a specific emulator. An emulator offers a virtual compatibility to a PC in order to run an app supporting different operating system.

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You can use emulator of any mobile platform pretty easily. Telegram application is available on all leading mobile platform, so you can any of the available emulators. The most common emulator revolving in the market is Android emulator Bluestacks which could be a suitable option for every user.

To download Android emulator for your PC, you would have to go through below given points.

  1. Click here to download and install Bluestacks.
  2. Let the download finish, then install Bluestacks on your PC.
  3. Now just go to your search bar and type “Telegram”.
  4. Click on the its link to download and install it.
  5. Few moments later, you will be seeing Telegram app on the console.
  6. Bingo! Let the show begin.

So, as your installation now has been done, all you have to do is just open Telegram application and run it the same way you use to run it on your Android phone. Signing up into telegram is pretty simple. You just have to register your phone number and you are done. You can even import your contacts to get it synced, and yes, do not forget to keep your data connection activated while accessing Telegram.



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