The amazing bionic bra

The amazing bionic bra

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Do not say that technology is not where it needs to move forward. Even on such a sensitive issue as holding breasts. It is not the first time in recent months that laboratories have come prototypes that seek to improve the daily lives of women reinventing an undergarment with centuries of development behind and even Microsoft itself has dared to investigate on their own with the called smart bra. Just out of the University of Wollongong in Australia boasts no connectivity, but something more important: the form and subject.

Ideal for every situation bra

Bionic Bra

This “bionic bra” has been in development 15 years and only now the technology has reached the point where the vision of its creators could be realized. This bra is able to meet the needs of its users, depending on the situation. You can press when more support is needed and relax when touched; to achieve the establishment of new adaptive fibers connected with sensors that detect the speed of movement. Its creators hope that with this more women to exercise daily without additional equipment.



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