The darker side of Apple factories

The darker side of Apple factories

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A controversial BBC documentary about the miserable working conditions in the Chinese factories of Apple iPhone 6 where, iPad, and other devices are mounted, has been at war with the Apple Company. But not for what is seen in the documentary (exhausted workers, days 16 hours 7 days a week, child exploitation), but because the investigation accuses Apple of violating its promises to improve the conditions of Chinese workers.

Tim Cook has confessed he was ” deeply offended “by the documentary.

This week the British broadcaster BBC has issued an investigative report into the program Panorama, where they studied the working conditions in factories contracted by Apple in China. Interestingly, it is not based on rumors extracted information or interviews: several journalists posing as Chinese workers and cast as workers in factories Pegatron in Shanghai, where the iPhone 6 is mounted.

Recorded with hidden camera, you can see workers sleeping in the assembly, some of them collapsing sleep on devices that are riding.Throughout the documentary, it is revealed that some workers have 16 hours a day, others work 18 days straight without a break and bedrooms are piled up to 11 people .

As if that were not enough, it also shows how Apple has bought tin from illegal mines in Indonesia, where children work extracting the mineral.The conclusion of the report is that Apple has failed to fulfill its promise to improve conditions in Chinese factories that produce the iPhone 6 and other devices.

Here you can see an excerpt from the BBC documentary uploaded to YouTube, where workers is falling asleep in the assembly:

Apple has responded with an internal email sent by Jeff Williams , vice president of operations, to all employees. In this email confesses that ” Tim Cook and I are deeply offended by the accusations of the documentary“.

Williams claims that Apple provided the BBC data and information on the subject, but refused to include them in the documentary. Ensures that the company has monitored the working hours of a million employees of the assembly and 93% met the limit of 60 hour work week imposed by Chinese law.

As for the accusations of buying illegal tin mines where exploit minors, Apple itself acknowledges the fact. But explains why. For them, the easiest would be to buy tin elsewhere.But they are determined to end the illegal mines in Indonesia, and therefore have stayed there . They have created a working group Tin with companies in the country with the intention of legalizing underground mines and end child exploitation.

Are you convinced by the reasons given by Apple to charges of the BBC?


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