The ICANN organization, one of the pillars of the Internet, has been...

The ICANN organization, one of the pillars of the Internet, has been hacked

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The organization responsible for managing and names and IP addresses to Internet sites and pages have been hacked (attacked by cyber criminals) as confirmed by its own leaders. An attack on one of the most important points in the operation of Internet which could settle with the theft of private information and contact its workers and users.

According to them, the attack took place late last November , when a wave of emails came to the workers of this non-profit organization directed from the United States. Taking advantage of the technique of phishing , in which an email or web page is passed by original and official content when in reality is a fake, workers managed to ICANN introduce your access data. A simple way to gain information to access the contents of this organization .

Thus, attackers gained access to the WHOIS website of the organization , where to find public information of its own members . Facts like who registered a domain. But more serious is the confirmation that have also agreed to Centralized System Data Area. A place where there is more sensitive and personal information such as real names, addresses, phone numbers, emails and usernames of a large number of Internet users. However, although the passwords are also housed in this part of the system of ICANN, its leaders say they are protected with encryption , so it is likely that attackers can not access the final content or impersonate these users.

Nothing ICANN has not provided more information about the research being carried out after discovering the phishing attack suffered . Thus, even the origin or intent of the attack is unknown. Only claim to be working for some time to make improving their security systems . And, as one of the cornerstones of the operation of the Internet, is the target of such attacks.


Do not forget that ICANN is an organization nonprofit dedicated to providing IP addresses and domain names to Internet customers uniquely . Ie manage the names and addresses of web pages that no two are alike there . Something that leads to having a large amount of information about users and owners of these sites , very tempting for cyber criminals and hackers. Data could perhaps use to access the management of a web page or theft of information with intent to sale on the black market.

Definitely a major attack that although may not have major consequences, results in a wake-up call to this organization and its security system . Information that the very ICANN says make public in exercise of transparency and commitment to openness which is the original philosophy Internet.



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