The NVIDIA GTX 960 would arrive on January 22

The NVIDIA GTX 960 would arrive on January 22

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The GTX 960 from NVIDIA is one of the most anticipated graphics cards now and promises to be the best price-performance solution for those with tight budgets.

According to a reports, this new midrange graphics card could reach the market next January 22 with a price change would be around $210.

This information keeps the line that placed this card as a solution with a maximum price of $ 250 , which is totally logical since the GTX 970 has an average price of $ 330.

A level specifications are comments that use only a power connector 6 pin , which again is credible because Maxwell especially noted for its good performance ratio consumption.

Otherwise remains what we have seen in previous rumors, which leaves us, in short, the following approximate picture of the GTX 960:

  • 1,280 shaders.
  • Bus 192 bits , unlikely using one of 256 bits.
  • Frequencies of 993 MHz-1050 MHz GPU normal and turbo modes.
  • 3 GB of GDDR5 (192-bit bus) -4 GB of GDDR5 (256-bit bus) to 6 GHz.

We need to wait until January to see this become a reality.


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